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Q: When earth is facing the sun it is experiencing?
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When earth was formed was it day or night?

It was both. As earth was forming out of the accretion disk orbiting the young sun, the part of earth facing the sun was experiencing day, and the opposite part of the earth was experiencing night. It was no different then than it is now.

One side of the earth is facing the sun and the other side is what?

The other side is experiencing night time.

When one side of the earth is facing the sun is it day or night?

When a side of the earth faces the sun, it's day. The opposite side is experiencing night.

When its daytime is earth facing the sun?


Why do the whole world do not experience same day and night?

Because the half of the Earth facing the sun is experiencing day and the other half, that's facing away from the sun, is in the dark. The Sun is Earth's source of light and heat. (which is also why night is colder)

Why does daytime and night time occur on earth?

The Earth rotates once on its axis every 24hrs. The half of the Earth facing the Sun experiences daylight while the held of the Earth facing away from the Sun is in darkness, aka night. As the Earth is constantly rotating the portions of the Earth that are experiencing daybreak and nightfall are constantly changing.

How does the motion of the earth cause day and night?

The Earth rotates on its axis (much like if you took a toothpick and pierced a grape with it, then spun the toothpick around between your index finger and thumb). Whichever side of the Earth is facing the Sun, is the part of the Earth that is experience daytime. The side of the Earth not facing the Sun is the side experiencing nighttime.----

The period when a given part of earth is facing the sun?

what is the period when a given part of earth is facing the sun

When its night time is the earth facing the sun or facing away from the sun?

It is night in the hemisphere facing away from the Sun.

What season is earth experiencing at sun rays?


How do you get days?

the earth revolves around the sun and when the sun is facing away from earth it is night and then when it is facing the sun it is day also

When the earth is tilted toward the sunthe Northern Hemisphere is experiencing what?

when the earth is tilted toward the sun the northern hemisphere is experiencing