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Q: When electrode coating absorbs moisture it is most likely that the weld will have?
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A scientist heats a flexible container full of neon gas What will most likely happen to the container as the gas absorbs heat?

It will expand, because the neon atoms will move more quickly and get farther apart.

What is the effect of overpotential of hydrogen evolution in electrolysis of brine?

The effects will vary based on the amount of overpotential, the current density, the electrode materials used, and the concentration of the brine, but in general: - higher overpotential will increase the reaction rate - the brine will become warmer and thermodynamic efficiency decreases - side reactions are more likely to occur, such as electrode stripping and increased Cl2 production at anode

How does tin plating prevent rusting?

Tin itself is highly resistant to rusting (oxidation) so the tin coating remains intact. Oxygen molecules are therefore unable to reach the iron layer beneath, making it impossible for the iron to rust.

How would you explain why certain types of honey rarely crystallize?

Honey is made from a complex combination of sugars that have a moisture content of about 15%. As the moisture content decreases, crystals form. The structure of sugars in some honeys are hygroscopic, meaning they attract moisture, rather than allow it to evaporate. The more hygroscopic in nature a honey is, the lest likely, and longer it will take for it to crystallize.

What is cu electrode?

An electrode is an electric conductor, usually metals. A Cu electrode means copper electrode.In a voltaic Zn-Cu cell, or battery, (a spontaneous reaction, so the voltage is always positive) it consists of two electrodes in which each of them is immersed in their designated electrolytic solution. When the spontaneous reaction occurs, electrons get attracted to the cathode and make it negatively charged. Meanwhile, electrons get farther from the anode, making it positively charged.cathode=positiveanode=negativehow do you identify which is anode/cathode?Zn2+ + 2e- --> Zn(s) // V=-0.76Cu2+ + 2e- --> Cu(s) // V=+0.34A cathode is the electrode with which the reduction, or gaining of electrons, takes place. Whichever has the higher potential to gain electrons will serve as a cathode. The more positively charged an atom is, then the more it is likely to attract electrons.In this case, the cathode is the copper.Anode is the opposite of cathode.

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Why is it advisable to change brake fluid?

Over time brake fluid absorbs moisture. The more moisture in it the more likely it is to freeze if you are in cold weather, and the more the seals break down.

What type of towels wrap you up in comfort when you get out of the shower?

Large towels are best for when you get out of the shower so it wraps you up completely and less likely to feel cold. Cotton fabric towels is soft for your skin and absorbs the moisture allowing you to dry.

What happens if you eat one of those silica gel packets that come in food and shoes?

Most likely you will get very thirsty as Silica Gel is a desiccant, which means it absorbs moisture. The reason the packets are labeled "Do Not Eat" is because it is a choking hazard, not because it is toxic.

Maximum bulking in sand and in what moisture content?

The maximum bulking of sand is in 13% to 14% moisture content. It's likely to be 13.8% moisture content.

What type of bread is more likely to form mold?

by moisture

When precipitation is less than potential evaporation what is likely to happen to soil moisture storage?

The soil moisture storage will decrease.

Which letter represents the surface that most likely absorbs the greatest amount of insolation?


What causes a Black coating disease on pebbles in freshwater aquarium?

It is most likely just algae

How does corrosion?

Rust? It's oxidation. More likely to occur with moisture present.

How does moisture accumulate in a Ferrari headlight?

Moisture can accumulate in any headlight, most likely the cause is a bad seal between the two pieces of the fixture.

A more positive value for electrode potential means that the electrode is more likely to be a?

A more positive reduction potential (Eored) means that substance will be reduced, which occurs at the cathode. A more positive oxidation potential (Eoox) means that substance will be oxidized and occur at the anode.

Why is it most likely to rain when clouds are grey?

The darker the cloud... the more moisture it contains.