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False. Hydrogen and oxygen - both gases - combine to form water - a liquid.

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Q: When element combine to form compound their property do not change?
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Is boiling point a physical or chemical property?

It is a physical property because the element/compound will change without involving a change in chemical composition.Physical

How do physical and chemical property's change when element becomes a compound or a mixture?

When elements combine to form compounds than the properties of elements are not pre demoninantly the same in them whether chemical or physical while in the form of mixture elements retain their properties.

What change occurs when an element forms a compound?

When an element forms a compound, a chemical change occurs involving exchange of electrons between the atoms of the elements.

Why is reactivity not a phyical property?

A physical change doesn't involve chemical reactions, change of the molecule structure.The chemical reactivity is about the ability of an element or compound to realize chemical reactions.

What happens to elements when they combine to form a compound?

The propertys of the elements change. For example:both chlorine and sodium are highly reactive, but whenthey combine the form a compound. this compound iswhich alot of people eat everyday.

Who decided that atoms do not change when chemicals combine into compound they just change places?

James K. Polk

What property must be change to change an element into another element?

to make one element a different element, all you need to do is have a different number of protons

The conversion of a compound to an element and another compound is it a chemical change?

Yes, they are chemically bonded.

What kind of change must occur for an element to be removed from its compound?

a chemical change

What mixture which makes from element or compounds?

it is a chemical change so that is why it becomes a compound from a element

How is a chemical property different from a physical property?

A chemical property is one that, when changed, changes the chemical composition of the compound. A physical property only involves a change in the physical state of the compound.

The first element in a binary compound should have no change?


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