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Q: When has arturo visited his grandfather in the past?
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Is Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli the grandfather of Nicola Benedetti?


Is had visited past tense?

no, 'visited' is past tense. 'have visited' is present perfect' 'had visited' is past perfect

What is past tense and past participle of visit?

The past tense of "visit" is "visited" and the past participle is also "visited."

What is the past participle of visit?

The past participle of "visit" is "visited."

What is the past tense of visiting?

The past tense of visit is "visited"

What is the past participle form of the word visit?

The past participle form of the word "visit" is "visited."

What tense is had visited in?

'Had visited' is past tense. You can see this because visit is the present tense so visited must be past tense. Also, the word 'had' is often used in the past tense.

What were arturo's grandfather's two ambitions in the story hour with abuelo?

HE is desperate at the beginnig

What is the past of visit not?

The past tense is not visited (not is an adverb).

What internal conflict does young arturo have about visiting his grandfather?

Young Arturo has an internal conflict about visiting his grandfather because he wants to spend time with his friends and be carefree like a child, while also feeling a sense of duty and guilt for not spending time with his family, especially his aging grandfather. This conflict highlights the struggle between personal desires and responsibilities to family.

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visit is a regular verb so the past and the past participle are both verb + ed ievisitedvisited is the past participle of the verb visit.

What is the past tense of the verb visit?

The past tense is visited.