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The only way to get a person preg is when the sperm comes in contact with the vagina

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Q: When in the month can a girl get pregnant?
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What days of the month cant a girl get pregnant?

There are no days of a month where a girl is guranteed to not get pregnant

How many days girl can get pregnant?

a few days a month.

Why is menstrual flow a sign that a girl can be pregnant?

Flow is a sign that the girl is not pregnant yet, but ovulating, or producing eggs every month. These eggs can be fertilized, and she can become pregnant.

Is a girl pregnant if they miss one period but get it the following month?

Not pregnant, but get a professional opinion about the reasons for missed periods.

How long does it take to know if a girl is pregnant?

one month or two will suffice

Can a girl get pregnant a month after she has intercourse?

Not from the intercourse she had a month earlier. Sperms live 3-5 days inside a woman.

A girl is pregnant at what month does smoking ciggaretts affect the baby if the girl only smokes like once a day?

well it matters witch day and month you started

How long does it take for you to find out your pregnant?

A few weeks to a month, every girl is different.

How long can it take a girl to get pregnant before she know it?

Maybe a month or a few weeks.

Did kendall Schmidt get a girl pregnant?

Yes he got Miranda Cosgrove Pregnant and she's due Next Month around july 2012

If the girl got pregnant on January when is her due?

She will Be due in 9 months. So the month would be August

You had protected sex a month and 2 weeks ago. Can the girl already be a month and a week pregnant?

Well it depends when she started her period and when she ovulated. If she had finished her period is week before you had sex then yes it is very possible she coudl be pregnant.