When is Hugo back in home and away?

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He you will see him again want to see photos of him his real name is Bernard curry Martha real name is Jodi Gordon
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Can your parent make you come back home after being away longer than 6 months?

Answer . \nBy law yes if you are underage. I don't know what your reasons are for not wanting to live with your parents, but if there wasn't a good enough reason why don't you cut them some slack and move back in? You have plenty of time in your life to be free-spirited and having a family can ( Full Answer )

When Your fifteen year old daughter has run away from home and met a man who is now harboring her and making her want to stay away from home he is also having sex with her how do you get her back.?

If this man is older than 18 he may be able to be charged with statutory rape. Answer If he is over the age of 18 contact police. Especially if you know address of where they are staying. If he is having sex with her and she is underage you can press statutory rape charges on him. Answer I ( Full Answer )

If a 16 year old girl runs away and her mom calls the cops does she have to go back home?

Answer . I know I ran off at 17, and had the cops find me and brought me to the station until my parents came for me. I would guess state/local laws may differ.. Answer . Of cousre that girl needs to come home imagine if you were a mother how would you feel if your daughter had ran away from ( Full Answer )

What is back to back home run?

That is when two batters in the lineup hit home runs one immediately after the other. If a batter hits a home run and the very next batter also hits a home run, it would be called 'back to back home runs'.

What is home and away?

Home and Away is an Australian soap which is filmed on Palm Beach and places around Australia. It was first produced on Channel 7 in 17th January 1988. It is shown on English television on Channel 5. You can also watch it on the channel 5 website.

When does home and away come back on?

well my bffs step brothers best friend knows Martha from home and away and they said it would be on the 18 January 2010

What happens if you run away from home and never come back?

1. Why are you running away? If you had a fight, with someone in your family, running away from home, is not the solution. 2. If you have been abused, physically and/or sexually, there are groups, and people in almost every community, who can help you, and help you find a safe place, away from t ( Full Answer )

If you run away from home at sixteen or fifteen in the state of Vermont does that give the police legal rights to track you down and bring you back to your parents?

Yes it does. Until you reach the age of majority, 18 in most states including Vermont, you are the responsibility of your parents. They are required to take care of you and can be held responsible for your actions and your debts. The police will return you to your home or put you into foster care ( Full Answer )

Will Hugo die on home and and away?

Hugo is actually not dead, He pretended to get shot, and die, for Marthas sake, because of the people smuggling, and Hugo didn't want to put Martha in danger. So now he is hiding out, in a city out of summer bay, But Martha, still really misses him.

Is jack coming back to home and away?

Probably not. There was hype last year that his character was in witness protection and would be returning after a couple of months but now it doens't seem likely. Sorry ! (P.S I wanted him to come back aswell :D)

Does Hugo die in home and away?

he got shot & his family and Martha think he is dead.. but he came to his funeral with angelo in the car. he is not dead.

On the sims is there a cheat to reverse time coz you adopted a kid but you were at work then she got taken away coz you wasnt home with her is there a way to get her back?

This is probably pointless to say this, seeing as you probably have already saved it, but you could just not save the game. Either that or you could make your Sim call for another adoption, then on that special day when the kid comes, make you Sim pull a sicky and not go into work, (Click on the pho ( Full Answer )

Why did dill run away from home back to macomb?

In, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Dill ran away because he felt unneededand unwanted. He felt his stepfather was taking his place and thathis mother preferred his new stepfather to him.

My ex is a mama's boy we are living with her and she wants to take my kids away from me He is not helping Am I right to take the kids back home to TX?

Is he the father of the children? Has he or his mother started any legal moves to take the children? Is Child Services involved? (CPS - PSS - DFS - DSS) If there is an open case involving Children's Protective Services, you could be in trouble if you just move away, taking the children with you. If ( Full Answer )

What happens if your 16 year old runs away from home and does not want to come back when she is found?

It is difficult to prevent a teenager from moving out if she is determined to do so; you can bring her home but you can't lock her up, and she will just leave again. In the case that you describe, logically the first thing to do is to learn the reason why she does not want to live at home, and where ( Full Answer )

You like this boy who lives far away and when he comes to visit you find out he likes you but when he goes back home he hardly ever talks to you?

I don't know how old you are, but think about the kind of future you want, and the kind of relationship you want. You definitely want one that you are sure about. One that makes you feel good and one that helps you grow and feel supported. It's never to early to start making good decisions. So, this ( Full Answer )

What is the legal age to move out of your parents' house or run away without being forced back home in the us?

Eighteen. Don't try moving out any sooner or running away (which overall you shouldn't) because barely any careers (NOTE: Careers, not jobs like H.E.B. Cashiers or McDonald waiter/waitress) serve at seventeen or sixteen. Remember you need money. Often teenagers are meant to run away to a friends hou ( Full Answer )

Do cats come back home after they run away?

Some do, some don't. Phrasing it as "run away" implies it is not a regular habit, so probably not, unfortunately. Cats that are used to being "put out" at night (think Fred Flintstone) have learned the routine and will be waiting by the door in the morning after prowling the nearby area. Those not ( Full Answer )

How do you get back home?

You press the button that looks like a home. Its in the top right corner and its under the Whats new, Change Server, and Quit button.

What does it mean when you dream of an ex boyfriend far away came back home?

There is no set definition of what a dream actually means, it is specific the the indivdual that experience's it and the factors affecting/effecting them at that specific time. There are some websites which attempt to attach meaning to certain dream objects i.e. if you dream of being on a beach/sand ( Full Answer )

When is home and away back on 2012?

The Home and Away series has finished for Christmas and will be back on Channel 5 on 9th January which is when the new series begins.

Can a parent physically take a 17 year old child back home if they have run away in North Carolina?

If the courts gave custody or partial custody to a parent then the 17 year old is still a minor (no longer a minor at 18) and can physically take them back home. If you just don't feel you are getting your way with one parent and there are too many rules of the house then get use to it because you s ( Full Answer )

Why did Jill run away from home back to Maycomb?

First, his name is Dill (full name Charles Baker Harris). He ran away from home because he felt as though his parents didn't want him there because they ignored him and wanted to be left alone.

If i was to run away from home at 17 could my mum force me to come back would there be a way I could stay?

If one was to run away from home at 17, their mom could force themto come back. If you are living in a safe environment, continuingto do as you should--attending school, working and living a sanelife, you may convince your mom to leave you to your own devices.You should not expect her financial supp ( Full Answer )