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His birthday is unknown, but the voice of professor layton is Chris Miller and his birthday is on the 29th.

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Q: When is Professor Hershel Layton birthday?
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What is Professor Layton famous for?

Professor Layton is famous for being a series of adventure games, developed by Level-5, a game development company known for releasing video games on various gaming and handheld consoles. Professor Layton is also the name of the main character in the game series, Professor Hershel Layton.

What is Professor Layton's first name?

3rd"Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel" Released with the new Title Unwound Future.

How do you solve puzzle 93 in professor Layton and the miracle mask?

Puzzle No 93: Hershel VS The Mummies, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Please see the related link below.

What is Professor Layton's full name?

If your talking about the video/DS games, then I can tell you that Professor Layton isn't married, in The Unwound Future, you will learn of a lady named Claire, she was Layton's girlfriend, they were in love many years ago. Sadly, she died in an awful accident during the testing of the time machine.

Is Luke and Professor Layton related?

Luke is Professor Layton's apprentice. He could be related by a nephew or something, but I'm not sure of that theory.

Will the Professor Layton Movie come to England?

Hershel Layton's Twitter has announced that an English version of the movie is expected to be released on DVD/BD in the UK during September 2010

When will Professor Layton 3 or Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel be out in England?

Professor Layton and the last time travel has now been renamed Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.Professor Layton 3, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, has a confirmed release date of 20 September 2010 for North America.Latest Update for the release of the Unwound Future in the UK is Early October 2010.Keep an eye on sites such as Hershel Layton's Twitter or online stores for the release date once this becomes available

Will there be a seventh Professor Layton game?

At the time of writing, Level 5 are still developing Professor Layton 5 and writing the story for Professor Layton 6 Level 5 have yet to decide whether or not Professor Layton 6 will be the last in the series If there is a Professor Layton 7, this wouldn't be released in Japan until late 2012 and wouldn't be released in English until 2013 or 2014 Any information relating to a possible seventh game would be posted in Hershel Layton's Twitter if and when this becomes available

When is Professor Layton 3 out in UK?

At the time of writing, the Professor Layton 3 UK release date has not yet been announcedThe UK release and pre-order dates will be posted on Hershel Layton's Twitter as soon as these become availableThe latest UK date for the release of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is 26th/27th/or 28th of October 2010, issued by Amazon.

Record for Professor Layton?

The game music was released on an album, the album is called Layton no RyokoKyoju to Saigo Original sound Track.

Did Clair and professor Layton get married?

No I don't believe there will be It is a shame though-I'd love to see a game set 10 years before the lost future with Claire and Layton solving a mystery-that would be so cute! xx

What else is the Professor Layton looking for in the Herzen Castle in Pandora's Box?

Hershel Layton and Luke Triton are probably looking for any further puzzles, Have a look down the puzzles you've solved to see if there are any you may have missed.