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When is Shawn micheals coming back?

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He is not coming back anytime soon. He lost his streak vs career match with the undertaker in Wrestlemania 2010 and as a result retired from the WWE

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Shawn micheals will never come back he lost to the undertaker in a streak vs career match

Sorry but I don't think he will come back

No he has too much respect for the Undertaker to come back.

Well at wrestlemania 25 it was undertaker vs Shawn micheals and at summer slam I HAVE BEEN TOLD Shawn micheals is coming back but the undertaker i do not no about but he will be retriering in the next 5 years

He is going to come back at the royal rumble 2014 and win it oops that was supposed to be a suprise.

Shawn micheals real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom who is better known for his ring name Shawn Micheals.

He isn't he is retired and will not return to wrestle. He will be in Triple H's corner for Mania

Shawn Micheals. He is a hall of famer.

yes Shawn micheals does sing his own song

He left because of a back surgery

No. The undertaker will win. Shawn micheals is planning on retiring anyway.

Will Shawn micheals beat undertakerja in wrestlemanija 26?

Shawn Micheal will not be at wrestlemania 27. It is because at Wrestlemania 26 Shawn Micheals lost to the UNDERTAKER.

if Shawn is best brave enough he wiil come back and make it 18-1

Shawn micheals is now injuered but no body knows when he will be back on raw in the wwe

yes NO they are not related. Shawns real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom

Micheal Shawn hickonbottom

No, Shawn Michaels is married.

no shawn micheals was not born in ohio

Shawn is not returning to wrestling!! He is happy being retired and spending time with family.

(2010) um in 2011 Shawn Micheal might be a wwe hall of fame or maybe he might join tna wristling or he will just give up both and be just a normal person.

Undertaker will probably defeat Shawn Micheals in wrestle mania. Hope this helped.

not as a wrestler but as a guest host for the raw in san antonio

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