When is a material useful?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Any material is useful when someone uses it to make something.

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Q: When is a material useful?
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What useful material may be obtained from bauxite what useful material may be obtained from hematite what are bauxite and hematite called since they produce useful material?

Bauxite is aluminum ore, hematite is iron ore.

What is the green material on card tables made of?

The material is simply:felt. I hope this was useful to you!

What is a useful material or other material that people take from the earth?

Natural Resources

What useful material can be mined from hematite?


Why was sod a useful material for homesteader?

they used it more

Why is cotton useful?

It is the material that is used to make clothes.

What is a material found in nature that is useful to humans?


What we as students can make from waste material which is useful to us?


Why do we process material?

We process materials to make them better and more useful. We are therefore we are modifying the natural material to advance it.

Why is density is a useful physical property for identifying substances?

Density is useful for identifying an unknown material because it is a physical constant. A physical constant is a unique characteristic of the material in question. This constant never change or vary with the shape or amount of the material/substance.

How is biodegradable waste more useful than nonbiodegradable waste?

Biodegradable waste is more useful because it degrades. It breaks down into nutrients and organic material that is useful, like compost.

What do you get from rocks?

Valuable minerals, useful material, and eventually consumer products.