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A women can most likely become pregnant when she is ovulating.

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a+ halfway between menstrual periods
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Q: When is a woman most likely to become to become pregnant?
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Related questions

Can a woman become pregnant 3 to 5 days later?

its possible, but most likely in a term of 7days .

How do you have children?

You'll have children when a man and woman have sexual intercourse. When the mans sperm fertilizes the females egg and the woman is most likely to become pregnant.

When is it most likely for a teen girl to get pregnant?

Anytime after a girl begins having a menstrual cycle she can become pregnant. She is just as fertile as any other woman.

Do you have to have a period to become pregnant?

no if you dont have your period your pregnant but if you do have a period you are most likely not pregnant

Can a male guinea pig become pregnant?

most likely no

When is most likely to become pregnant before or after your period?


When is a woman most likely not to get pregnant?

When she's menstruating. (bleeding) When she practices abstinence.

When during a woman's cycle is she most likely to get pregnant?

The most likely time to get pregnant is while you are ovulating. To calculate when you are ovulating, look up an ovulation calendar to see when you are.

Will you become pregnant if penis is not washed after sex it is only wiped with cloth and after an hour it is is rubbed on vagina?

Guys/boys cannot become pregnant so it does not matter what happens to their gentile area. If you are a woman who gets the mans sperm or seaman into your body, then you will most likely become pregnant and can not just "wash it out after sex".

Can you become pregnant during ovulation?

Yes! Ovulation is your most fertile time, so that's when you're most likely to get pregnant.

When does a woman most likely to get pregnant after her period?

A woman is most likely to get pregnant when she ovulates after her period. This is generally about 14 days for most women, though not all. A few days before or after though can also be a prime time due to the longevity of sperm or the change in a females cycle.

Do you need to have your period to get pregnant?

Well ovulation is more important when become pregnant than the period but in order to ovulate you must have your period. Generally you get your period between ages 9-14. A woman is most likely to become pregnant when she is ovulation (when her ovaries release an egg). Once the egg is released, sperm from the male, fertilizes it and it grows into a baby. But you do not have to be on your period to become pregnant. A woman generally ovulates about 14 days after her menstrual period.

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