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For example, an object goes in a circle, at a speed of 50 km/hour. The average speed is 50 km/hour; the average velocity is zero.

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Q: When is average speed of an object not equal to average velocity?
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Under what conditions is the magnitude of average velocity of an object equal to its average speed?

The magnitude of average velocity of an object equal to its average speed if that object is moving with CONSTANT velocity.

When average velocity and average speed is equal?

For the instantaneous value of average velocity, average speed and average velocity are equal.

The speed and direction of a moving object determines the what of an object?

The speed and direction of an object combine to give its velocity with the speed being equal to the magnitude of the velocity.

Does the instantaneous speed ever equal the magnitude of its average velocity?

Yes. For a start, this happens when the object moves at a constant velocity. Also, if moving in a straight line, even if the object changes speed there must needs be a moment when its instantaneous speed is equal to its average speed - since it cannot change speed suddenly, it must do so gradually.

Whats the difference between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

the instantaneous velocity or speed is the speed a body travels at a particular and average velocity is the total distance an object

When you know the speed and direction of an objects motion you know the?


Compare and contrast speed and velocity?

Speed is a scalar quantity that refers to how fast an object is moving. Speed can be thought of as the rate at which an object covers a distance. While velocity is a vector quantity that refers to the rate at which an object changes its position. But when we calculate speed and velocity what we get is average not instantaneous. Average Speed= Distance travelled ------------------------ Time period Average Velocity= Displacement ------------------------ Time period

Is the reciprocal of time is equal to velocity?

No. Velocity is the Speed of an object, plus a component that defines its direction.

When is speed equal to the magnitude of velocity?

That is the case when you are talking about instantaneous speed and velocity - or when the velocity is constant. In the case of an average speed and velocity, this relation does not hold.

Can average speed of a moving object be zerogive an example?

No, it can't. Average VELOCITY can be zero, though.

How do you Find Calculate its average velocity?

Average velocity (speed) of an object is the distance travelled, divided by the time elapsed.

Can a body have nonzero average speed but have zero average velocity give example?

An object moving in a circular path at constant speed will have a non-zero average speed and zero average velocity since velocity is a vector parameter,

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