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Crawfish "season" typically runs from March through about June. This is when you will get your best crawfish. From August to February the shells on the crawfish are quite hard and not as easy to peel, and they are not as "fat".

And, there is actually a season. Crawfish harvesting begins in the Spring, thus this is why your best crawfish are in the early spring months.

Crawfish farms consist of ponds that are drained and replanted in the summer, reflooded in the fall and winter, and begin harvesting in the spring. Laura

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The discoverer of crawfish Lucas Morgan said the season should be soon

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MArch - May

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When is crawfish season in Arkansas?

when does crawfish season start

How long does crawfish season last?

from March through about June

Are crawfish invertebrates?

The Crawfish is an invertebrates.

In what phylum is a crawfish?

Crawfish belongs to the Arthropoda phylum

What is the crawfish state of the world?

Louisiana is the crawfish state of the world

What eat crawfish?

humans eat crawfish and they are also cannibals

What is the study of crawfish?

The study of crayfish (or crawfish) is called astacology.

Do crawfish eat corn?

no crawfish never eats corn

Is a crawfish a vertebrate?

A crawfish is an invertebrate. It has an exoskeleton (outside of the body).

Do crawfish eat toads?

Crawfish are not known to eat toads. Crawfish like the meat like worms, shrimps and plants.

What is the life cycle of a crawfish?

the life cycle of the crawfish is still to this day notdiscoverd the life cycle of the crawfish is still to this day notdiscoverd the life cycle of the crawfish is still to this day notdiscoverd

Is a crawfish a reptile?

No. A crawfish is a freshwater crustacean similar to shrimp and lobster.

What does a crawfish look like?

Crawfish look like tiny lobsters.

Where is the largest source of crawfish in Louisiana?

largest source of crawfish in louisiana

What exactly do crawfish eat?

crawfish eat gold fish food

What are some interesting things about crawfish?

one is the are also called crawfish and crawdads

How do you create a crawfish pond?

get a tank and put crawfish in it with sand and decorations and food

Can you freeze crawfish tails with the shell on?

Yes... nothing will happen to your yummy crawfish.

Can you catch a crawfish in Ireland?

The white-clawed crawfish is the only one that can be caught in Ireland.

Why cant you devain a crawfish?

You can.If you go to TradeKey, then type in deviened crawfish you can buy packs.

Can crawfish eat milkweed?

Crawfish live in shallow water. Milkweed does not grow in water.

What does crayfish and lobster have that's different?

For starters, it's crawfish. I'm from the south. That's how we spell/say "crayfish". Anyway, crawfish and lobster are very different! Crawfish do not live in the sea like lobster. Crawfish have a nickname. Which is, the mud bug. They live in muddy water. Possibly swamps. Lobster are ALWAYS bigger. Crawfish have less meat on them. But they tend to be put in spicy spices when doing a crawfish boil or party.

Is a crawfish a amphibian?

No. Crawfish, or crayfish, are crustaceans. They are related to and like lobsters, crabs, shrimp, and barnacles.

Are cockroaches and crawfish related or in the same species?

No. Crawfish are not in the insect family. Mudbug is just a nickname.

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