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A 24 hour clock is better when you are running around the clock operations. Military, Police and Fire Stations use it to avoid any confusion when talking time. Factories that run around the clock, shipping companies, and airlines use it. Answer The Aviation and Space industries use the 24 hour clock as well. It reduces confusion, especially when written or oral communications are critical

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Q: When is it better to use the 24 hour clock instead of a 12 hour clock?
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Why do airlines use 24-hour clock?

To avoid confusion over timetables. It's much better to use the 24-hour clock system.

Why 12 hour and 24 hour clocks?

12 hour clock we use in our homes.24 hour clock is used in travelling places eg:airport,train station.

Does russia use a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock?

24 Hour is used in all countries except the united states of america

Which sentence is better and can I use then Instead of the second and one hour and a half and I'll finish my work or one hour and a half and my work will be finished?

My work will be completed in an hour and a half.

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How do you spell what time is it?

That is the correct spelling of "what time is it?" -- the answer will often use the hour name o'clock which is a contraction for of the clock, or by the clock.

Why did the Egyptians use a water clock instead of a sundial?

becuase its cooler

How do you reset the clock on a Honda Civic 2009?

use the clock button on dash Also one for the hour and one for the minutes

What does quarter to 6 look like on a digital clock?

5.45 or 17.45 (assuming the use of the 24 hour clock system).

How do you set a Ford Ranger clock?

Press Clock button and hold then use seek and tune button to ajust hour and minute.

How do you set clock on a 2002 town car?

Assuming you mean the clock in the radio display. turn on radio, Press the RDS control button until it Clock Hour is displayed then use the SEL control (up/down) to set the hour. The Clock Minutes is the next item in the RDS control display. Use the SEL control to set the minutes while in the Clock minutes mode.

When did the UK start using a 24 hour clock?

Some people have used it for many many years. Most still use the 12 hour clock, although for some special applications they might use the 24 h version.