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It is not real so never

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National Kiss a Brunette Day is July 2

No. National Kiss Day is on July 6th.

National Kiss a Mormon Day is April 26th!! =D

Some people seem to think National Kiss Day is on April 13th. However, others feel that National Kiss Day is July 6th or June 20th.

Kiss an Italian day is on the 25th of march

National kiss a blonde girl day is May 12th, 2021.

July 6th is National Kissing Day in the United Kingdom

The most important national holiday for the US is July 4th.

Feb 23rd is national banana bread day in america !

yes,In United states of America Columbus day is a national holiday

National Day in Singapore is 9th August National Day in North Korea And South Korea is 15th August National Day in Hong Kong is 1st July National Day in United States Of America is 4th July

In the United States of America, National Cabbage Day is celebrated on the 17th of February.

It's unsure of who actually founded Nation Kissing Day but it started in the United Kingdom.

it is celebarted by having a national work day off it is celebarted by having a national work day off

Independence Day is a national holiday and everyone celebrates the day.

Well that's easy! It's just like the Rock N' Roll National Anthem says, "Rock and roll all night and party EVERY DAY!" KISS day is every day man! Hope I helped.

Yes. But not a national holiday!

Yes. There is a National Shoe Day. See for a project created by Jennie Marie Thomas Foundation in partnership with Dialogue America

Colombia is a sovereign country in South America. It gained independence from Spanish rule on July 20, 1810 which is celebrated as its national day every day.

Rose Day=February 12 Kiss Day=February 13

100th day kiss was in icarly. on the 100th day of going out at midi-night you kiss. it seems to be a good idea

Brothers are nationally recognized in America on September 19th.

It is a national holiday in America. Canada also has a Thanksgiving Day but it is not the same day as the American holiday.

Its a day when you can kiss anyone you want and not get in trouble

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