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NYC public school spring break is Monday March 25th through Tuesday April 2nd 2013

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in April usually thank you ┌∩┐0^0┌∩┐

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Q: When is spring break 2013 for New York schools?
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When do high schools have spring break 2011 in New York?

The same as other schools

When is New York City private school spring break 2014?

The spring break for New York City private schools will depend upon each school. Most schools will be on break sometime in the month of April.

When is the New York private school spring break in 2013?


What are dates for Spring break 2011 for private schools in New York City?

Saint ephrem

Spring break 2010 for New York state elementary schools?

This question is now out-dated

When is spring break for new york schools?

on may 26 i thank and when do elementary summer school start

When is spring break for new york city schools 2012?

It was March 25th through April 2nd, Monday through Tuesday.

When is spring break 2011 for schools in New york?

April18,26,Monday through TuesdaySpring Recess (including Good Friday, Easter and Passover) (schools closed-Students return to school on Wednesday, April 27).

When is 2011 Spring Break for New York high schools?

all spring breaks are at different times for different schools. they vary from approximately march-april. contact the specific school to learn about their schedule.

When does school reopen from Easter vacation in new york city public schools?

spring break starts on March 29 and returning to school on April 6

What are the release dates for The Break In - 2013?

The Break In - 2013 was released on: USA: 11 October 2013 (New York City, New York)

When is spring break for suffolk county community college NY?

when is spring break for suffolk community college New York