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It retired in 2011.

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Q: When is the US Space Shuttle program set to retire?
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What is the next space shuttle going to look like?

there isn't going to be a next space shuttle- the shuttle program is set to end in the middle of 2010

Would a drum set fit in a space shuttle?

Yes, but it depends on the drumset, doesn't it? And where in the space shuttle are we talking - the cargo area or the cockpit?

Is discovery a name of a space shuttle?

Yes. It is set to be decommissioned this year.

Who controls a space shuttle when astronauts are sleeping?

no one. it is set for a specific course

How do space shuttles aid space exploration?

Space shuttles are not directly involved with space exploration. A space shuttle is only designed to be able to deliver supplies and cargo to Low earth orbit and back. The only way that the space shuttle helps with space exploration is by doing missions to set up and repair space telescopes, which can be used to learn more about about the universe.

When was the Hubble set out to space?

Hubble was launched into space on April 24, 1990, at 8:33 a.m. EDT on board of the space shuttle Discovery with flight number STS-31.

When is the next space shuttle taking off?

The next space shuttle mission is scheduelled for the 3rd feb 2011(shuttle discovery sts 133) It was originally due for launch back in November 2010 but due to technical problems and bad weather the next launch window is now set for 3rd feb 2011.

Why is Kennedy space center important?

The Kennedy Space Center is important because it set the precedent for space travel in the United States. It is the only operating shuttle launch system, and it will continue to make history

Which space shuttle started on fire while entering the atmosphere?

It is not set on fire. As the space shuttle enters the atmosphere it is moving extremely fast, more than 17,000 miles per hour. In incredible speed causes the air around it to heat up to the point that it glows.

How did the space shuttle Atlantis get its name?

This shuttle was named after the main research vessel used from 1930 - 1966 by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. The vessel was set up as a laboratory for the purpose of studying water, marine life and the ocean floor.

When will NASA set a new date for space shuttle Endeavour's take-off which was recently canceled due to a hydrogen leak?

The launch had been scheduled for 7:17 am (1117 GMT) from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Now the earliest opportunity for the shuttle's liftoff will be on June 17, officials said.

What is a set of instruction?

Set of instructions is called a PROGRAM. And set of program is called a SOFTWARE.