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he is meant to come back near the end of august so just wait and see

if you watched summerslam 2009 he made a return by chokeslaming cm punk after he won the title of Jeff hardy and when cm punk won he was standing over Jeff hardy and the lights went off and the undertaker was there and he chokeslammed cm punk

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When is the undertaker coming back in 2010 and who forand who will be his wrestlemania 27 victim?

Well he already has been back since summerslam when he chokeslamed C.M. Punk after he defeated Jeff Hardy. As for wrestlemania 27, with all luck i hope to see Undertaker take on Kane in the brother vs. brother 3. But i believe undertaker may make it to 20-0 b4 he retires.

Where has the Undertaker been since WrestleMania 28?

he is legendary, he doesn't show up much any more.

Where has the Undertaker been since WrestleMania 27?

Probably in hospital after hhh beat the hell out of him and he is pretty old as well.

Where did Shawn micheals go?

Shawn Michaels is taking time off from wrestling. He has not wrestled since his Wrestlemania XXV match with The Undertaker.

What has happened to shaun michaels?

ever since Shawn lost to the undertaker at wrestlemania 25 he hasn't been in action on raw or smackdown

Did Shawn Michaels leave the WWE?

No he has not left. He has taken some time off since his Wrestlemania 25 match with The Undertaker and is rumoured to return at Summerslam.

Where is the undertaker since WrestleMania 25?

He took a break for a while to heal up as did Shawn Micheals, At Summer Slam 2009 both superstars returned

When will undertaker return since he was banished?

i think Kane storyline will invilve him coming back gay

When is laycool coming back?

Layla and Michelle mCool had a fued and had a "i quit match" in a paperview. Michelle lost to the match and had to quit, as for Layla....she hasent been back since the match so she was either fired and WWE hasent released it or she will make a huge return

When is Michelle McCool coming back WWE?

She is spending time with undertaker since they are married and then she is coming back, but that could take a couple months to a year.

Who has been in WWE longest?

Undertaker since he ended Shawn Michaels' 25-year career at WrestleMania 26. The Deadman has been in WWE 20 years, he joined at Survivor Series in 1990.

Where has Undertaker been since WrestleMania 25?

He and Shawn Michaels have been nursing injuries that have been nagging them,and they are spending time with their families. Expect him to be back sometime before Summerslam and Shawn to be back in 2010.

When did hbk start his career?

Shawn Michaels started his professional wrestling career in the year 1984. He joined the WWE in 1988 and has been with them ever since. He retired recently in the Wrestlemania event after a loss to the Undertaker.

Is WrestleMania 24 in svsr 2009?

WrestleMania will be in Smackdown vs Raw 2009 because since they're were tag team matches at wrestlemania it will be in the video game you DuMb@$$ WrestleMania will be in Smackdown vs Raw 2009 because since they're were tag team matches at wrestlemania it will be in the video game you DuMb@$$

Is Michelle McCool Dating the Undertaker?

Yes, they are dating ever since Undertaker had a divorce.

Did the undertaker from WWE get hurt for real in 2011?

yeah, he was taking out of recovery after hurting his shoulder for wrestlemania and only had enough in him for that one match. since he wasn't fully recovered, he passed out due to pain and is now finishing recovery.

Is undetaker dead?

No, The undertaker is getting old! He has been doing this since wcw, wwf, some japan fights. It's just a storyline to hype up for kane's career. The undertaker had been looking to retire this year, he had a neck injury concluding wrestlemania so he has most likely called it quits -Garret Robinson

Where to watch Smallville?

if you are in America you can watch it on the cw but if you are in Australia you can watch it on ten but hasent been on since 2008.

Are undertaker and Michelle mcool dating?

yes Michelle mccool has been dating undertaker ever since undertaker got divorced with his wife

Will the 18-0 strike of the undertaker continious?

Yes. Probably or rather most probably it will continue. He has been victorious every year since 1991 in Wrestlemania and will continue the wins in future too. He beat Shawn Michaels in 2010 and his 2011 opponent isn't decided yet. but whoever it is, my money will be on the undertaker to win the match

Can Hbk defeat Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV?

Yes, he can beat Taker, but making Taker loose will only hurt Wrestlemania,therefore it will hurt the business, because most people think Wrestlemania is interesting because of Takers' undefeated streak, that's what makes Wrestlemaniainteresting, but I think that Takers' streak is overrated, I mean I respect Taker but Shawn Michaels has done it all and I think that in a big match situation, Shawn will always out perform his rival, also since Shawn is a small guy it is not so credible for a guy such as HBK to beat a guy such as The Undertaker, that's why they made Shawn have help from DX back in 97', because its 2(3 with Chyna) against 1, so it makes the matches much more credible so yeah in conclusion, Shawn Michaels can beat The Undertaker, they just don't let him. Hope I helped :D

How long has the undertaker been in WWE?

Since the 1990 survivor series .. He made his debut as Kane the undertaker

What is the firing order for a 2000 ford lightning?

the firing order hasent changed for ford since 1985 13726548

Did Michelle mccool do it with the undertaker?

I am sure she has since she is married to him.

When did Hulk Hogan fight The Rock?

March 17, 2002 at Wrestlemania X8. The Rock defeated Hulk Hogan at the Skydome in Toronto, ON Canada in Hogan's first Wrestlemania appereance since Wrestlemania IX.

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