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When both objects have the same temperature. ∞

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How is thermal eqilibrium achived?

Thermal Equilibrium is achieved when two objects reach the same temperature and exchange energy through heat. Eventually the temperature between the two objects will be equal and will stop exchanging heat. At this point, They are in a state of Thermal Equilibrium.

What is it called when objects have the same temperature and the energy is no longer being transferred between two objects?

equilibrium state----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ------ ----- ----- ----- -----'Thermal Equilibrium'.

What law of thermodynamics does this illustrates when two objects are in thermal equilibrium?

When two objects are in thermal equilibrium, not heat will flow between them - which is in accord with the 2nd law of thermodynamics. This is also related to (but different from) the zeroeth law which states that if two objects are each in equilibrium with a third object, they must be in thermal equilibrium with each other.

When two objects are in thermal equilibrium is there a net flow of heat between them?

No. If the two objects are at temperature equilibrium, there is no heat difference between them and thus no net flow.

What are the properties of insulating materials?

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer (the transfer of thermal energy between objects of differing temperature) between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence. Thermal insulation can be achieved with specially engineered methods or processes, as well as with suitable object shapes and materials.

How is thermal equilibrium established?

Thermal equilibrium is established by the transfer of heat energy from the hotter object to the cooler object until both objects are at the same temperature.

What happens at thermal equilibrium?

At thermal equilibrium, two objects reach the same temperature. An object with a higher temperature transfers heat to an object with a lower temperature when they are in contact.

What needs to happen for thermal energy to be transferred and what needs to happen at thermal equilibrium?

You have to have two objects at different temperatures near each other, when two or more objects have the same temperature.

What is thermal equilibrium and equilibrium temperature?

Thermal equilibrium is a uniform temperature throughout a system. The equilibrium temperature is the temperature at which this happens.

How can you tell two objects are in thermal equilibrium?

That's when they have the same temperature, which you can measure with a thermometer.

Distinguish between thermal and mechanical equilibrium?

Equilibrium means balance or equal. Thermal equilibrium is when two systems have equal temperatures. Mechanical equilibrium is when two systems have equal pressure. In a steam engine, if you stop putting fuel into the furnace, the pressure in the boiler will drop until it reaches mechanical equilibrium with the atmospheric pressure and the water will cool and reach thermal equilibrium with the ambient temperature.

What is special about the entropy in thermodynamic equilibrium compared to all statesof a system?

In thermal equilibrium, and only in thermal equilibrium, entropy is constant.

Why the earth is not in thermal equilibrium with yhe sun?

To be in thermal equilibrium, it would have to have the same temperature. (It isn't.)

Why is the earth not in thermal equilibrium with the sun?

because the earth and the sun is not in the thermal contact with each other that is why the earth & the sun is not in thermal equilibrium.

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