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When Myrtle saw Jordan with Tom, she thought Jordan was Tom's wife because Jordan appeared to be in a close and romantic relationship with Tom.

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When Myrtle sees Jordan and Tom together she suspects that Jordan is Tom's wife. This accounts for the jealous, cold expression with which she regards Jordan.

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Myrtle mistakes Jordan to be Tom's wife.

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his wife

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Q: When myrtle saw Jordan with tom she thought Jordan was?
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Why did myrtle run into the street?

Myrtle ran into the street because she saw what she thought was Tom Buchanan's car coming and wanted to get his attention. She was trying to escape her unhappy marriage to George Wilson and seek excitement and fulfillment through her affair with Tom.

Why is myrtle Wilson upset when she sees Tom and Jordan?

Myrtle Wilson was upset when she sees Tom and Jordan because she mistakes Jordan for Tom's wife, Daisy.She is jealous of her

What indication is there at this point that tom means quite a bit to myrtle?

Myrtle stares at Jordan with an expression of jealous terror, since she assumes that Jordan is Tom's wife.

What does myrtle mistake Jordan baker for and why?

Myrtle mistakes Jordan Baker for Tom Buchanan's wife because she sees Jordan in the company of Tom at the party in New York City, and assumes they are married. Myrtle is deceived by Jordan's elegant and confident demeanor, which leads her to believe she is Tom's wife instead of his friend.

Why is myrtle upset when she sees tom and Jordan together?

because she isn't dtf

How does nick react when he he realizes gatsby's innocence?

When Nick thought Gatsby was driving the car that killed Myrtle, he was disappointed and disgusted with the whole group of people. When he finds out that Gatsby is innocent he tells Gatsby that he is better than Daisy, Tom and Jordan.

What does George Wilson revealed when tom nick and Jordan stop at get gas on the way into town?

George Wilson reveals to Tom, Nick, and Jordan that he suspects his wife Myrtle is having an affair, as he noticed she had received a dog leash from someone. He asks about the yellow car Tom drives, which Tom denies owning.

Why was Myrtle so upset when she looked out the window?

Myrtle was upset when she looked out the window because she saw Tom Buchanan driving with another woman, who she believed to be his mistress. This sight made her angry and jealous, as she had feelings for Tom.

What does tom do when myrtle screams daisys name at him?

Tom hits Myrtle across the face, breaking her nose.

What is Tom's Relationship with Myrtle?

tom is a slease. he is cheating on Daisy with Myrtle but abuses Myrtle for talking bad about Daisy. Myrtle is nothing to tom but his personal mistress. shed do anything he asks and anything for him.

What chapter did tom hit myrtle?


Why does tom say he can't marry myrtle?

Tom says he can't marry Myrtle because he is already married to Daisy. Despite his affair with Myrtle, he intends to maintain appearances and social status by remaining with his wife.