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Q: When objects are charged can charges be created or destroyed?
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When you charge objects by any method no charges are?

created or destroyed

How charged objects react with neutral objects and same charged objects?

Charged objects don't have an effect on neutral objects, and repel objects with like charges.

How do neutral objects behave when placed near charged objects?

They repel, same with two negatively charged objects

How do charged objects interact with each other differently from the way a charged object interacts with neutral objects?

Two objects that are similarly charged will repel, while two objects with opposite charges will attract. Moreover, a neutral object will attract either charges

A charged object exerts what on other charged objects?

Either an attractive or repelling electrical force. It depends on what the charges of the objects are.

What are the 3 laws of charges?

1.) Opposite charges attract. 2.) Like charges repel. 3.) Neutral objects are attracted to charged objects.

Explan the laws of static charges?

like charges repel or unlike charges repel or like charges attract and neutral objects are always attracted to charged objects by induction.

If two charged objects touch how does one determine their new charges?

if one assumes that these charged objects are conductors, then the charges will equalise Hence, add both the charges together, and then divide by two, unless there is more to the question.

When is there a repulsive force between two charged objects?

When the charges are the same

How do charged objects affect neutral objects?

Objects with the same charge repel each other.

Do unlike charges of equal magnitude attract?

Yes."Positively charged objects and negatively charged objects experience an attractive force."My source is linked below.

What provides a pushing force that propels objects in the opposite dirrection?

two similarly charged objects, two positive charges will repel an two negative charges will repel.