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When on idle my 95 Blazer 43L runs really rough but when you push the gas it smooths out until you let off then it runs rough again what are somethings that could be the problem?

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2011-09-14 09:44:10

um start with the old compresion check jack um could be anything

burt piston rings to timing being off i would suggest a complete

tune up then compression check then if that's ok start checking

voltage outputs of the coil/paks and ignition and emmisions

controls sensors ect......

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It sounds like what my '94 was doing. It ended up being the fuel


Common problem with 1995 4.3 w central port injection is that

the injector lines and fuel regulator under the intake plenum are

plastic and begin to leak and literally pour fuel through the

system. I just replaced both on my 1995 s10 and it runs like new


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