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When online shopping can a person use his friend's or relative's credit card?

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  • Yes, but only with express permission from the cardholder. Otherwise it's a felony offense.
  • It appears you don't have permission to do so. If your friend or relative gave their consent then they would tell you and I'm sure not! Unless you have had permission from the owner of the credit card then this is considered fraud and when that person gets their statement they will find out and could press charges.
2011-03-09 20:30:45
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Which are the best online shopping websites to buy women's kurtis?

Ask your friends or relatives to recommend an online shop that they have used and are happy with

Do you use credit card as payment when shopping online?

You can use either a credit card, debit card or PayPal when shopping online.

What is internet shopping?

Shopping that you do online with a computer and paid for generally with your credit card.

Can you use your credit card for online shopping?


What offers you the option of shopping online with a disposable credit card number?

Virtual credit card

What will be the extra expenses from shopping online?

a lifetime of credit card debt

How do you pay for online shopping by bill?

it gets charged to your credit card

What are some of the dangers of online shopping?

Additionally, online shopping creates the possibility of disclosure of financial information, such as credit card information, to unauthorized parties.

What are some online services you can buy with a credit card?

Online services that you can buy with a credit card could include things such as online shopping (i.e. eBay, Amazon etc.) and web design. When it comes to online shopping you can link a credit card either directly to the site, or through payment websites such as PayPal.

How many numbers to write from a credit card for online shopping?

16 numbers.

How safe is online shopping when using a debit or credit card?

Online shopping is very safe using debit and/or credit cards. Most have very high security during the checkout process and everything is password protected and encoded.

What does online shopping consist of?

searching for products, ordering online, paying with credit card or paypal, waiting for it to be shipped to you.

How old are you supposed to be when shopping online?

The ideal age is 16-18 to start shopping on your own. If you have a parent with you then it can be any ages. If you are about to start shopping on your own online, I suggest you don't steal your parents credit cards.

What is the advantage of using Paypal for online shopping?

There are several advantages of using Paypal for online shopping such as credit card security, flexibility, easy to send money, online auctions, free cost, and discounts.

Where is the best place to order table linens online?

Ask your friends or relatives to recommend a site to you.

How can one get a Woolworths credit card?

One can get a Woolworths credit card by applying online on their website. They reward you for purchases and you can get money back on a shopping card.

What are some different methods to pay for online clothes shopping?

There are many different methods to pay for online clothes shopping. They include credit cards, paypal, e-transfers, gift cards, phone payments and cash on delivery. There are other ways to pay for online shopping, but these are the main ones.

You want to know some objectives for online shopping?

Online shopping gives you choices, price searching and allows you to shop from your computer. If you do not have a mall in your area or stores in general the online shopping is great. Get friends together, get on skype and shop together. Browse stores and compare fashions and prices.

What are the requirements for shopping at Online DVD and music stores?

A valid Credit card Have a good taste in music/DVD

What online-shopping is?

Online shopping is the process of buying products through internet without going to store or shop's location physically. Here people use their credit/debit or other bank card for payment.

When shopping online what is the best reason to use a credit card for purchases?

I am not sure how to answer your question since it seems to be incomplete. However, credit cards can be used on almost all purchases online. Of course, there are other ways of paying online aside from credit cards. Personally, I use my credit cards for purchases from reputable online stores such as Amazon, airline companies, hotels and others.

What differences are there between online shopping and typical shopping?

Online shipping requires a different form of payment such a credit card, paypal etc and the merchandise is shipped to you(you generally have to pay a shipping fee) The disadvantage is that you can't try on this things but somtimes there's more variety of things and it can be cheaper. Typical shopping: you visit stores and buy stuff either in cash, debit, or credit.

What are some things you should do when your shopping online?

When shopping online make sure the place that your putting your credit card information is not a scam; some hackers may get this information and then your in trouble but, if your buying from a local cvs or some place that you can get coupons look online and see if you can save a bit!

What store in America will allow an Australian resident to buy an online voucher almost all of them require a US credit card and contact number to proceed?

online shopping

Why some people don't like online shopping?

People do not like putting their credit card info online, or don't like using a computer, or are worried about exchanging something that was bought online.