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No. Unless, maybe, you actually believe in the Greek gods.

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Q: When referring to a Greek god is the G capitalized?
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Should the word god be capitalized?

If you're referring to the Christian god, then it is usual to capitalise. If you're referring to other gods (such as Roman, Greek or Norse gods) then it is usual to use a lower case g.

Are the words Greek myth capitalized?

In the phrase 'Greek myth', the G in Greek is capitalized but the m in myth is not.

Do you capitalizes god in god of Mars?

No. In a religion with many gods or goddesses the 'g' is not capitalized. Although in religions such a Christianity where there is one God the 'G' is capitalized.

Is Is greek-civilizazation-capitalized?

The G in Greek needs to be. So it would be: Greek civilisation.

When should God be capitalized?

The real God should always be capitalized. If your talking about a fake god or gods there the lower case g gods.

What ancient greek words begin with the letter g?

Geras is an ancient Greek word. Geras was the Greek god of old age

What is the name of a greek god that starts with a g?

Gaea or Gaia aka Earth or the Goddess of Earth

Does German shepherd get capitalized?

It's German Shepherd, both the G and the S are capitalized.

What are things related to Ancient Greece that start with the letter g?

Geras was the Greek god of old age

What is the G in Masonic second degree?

The letter "G," as taught in the lessons of the second degree of Freemasonry, has the dual significance of referring to both "God" and to "Geometry." This meaning is explained further within the degree ritual. (Note that just as other letters or symbols can be used to represent more than one thing, the use of G in referring to God and to Geometry are two separate and distinct ideas; Geometry is NOT considered to be the same as God.)

Is ''gospel'' supposed to be capitalized?

Gospel should be capitalized when used as a specific reference to any or all of the four Gospels, for example, the four Gospels, the Holy Gospel, the Gospel of Matthew, and in titles of documents. Gospel should be capitalized when beginning a sentence. Gospel should be lowercase when used as a general term meaning "good news" or "story", for example, "the gospel as presented in the New Testament," "Paul took the gospel to the Romans"; of Jesus Christ, when referring to the law and the gospels; when referring to the law and the gospels; when referring to the third reading in the service.

Is guru spelled with a capital G?

No it doesn't require to be capitalized.

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