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After about 7-8 weeks of the exam.

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Q: When results of national cyber olympiad would be declared?
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When will you get the results of the 7th national cyber olympiad?


When and at which website will be the results for ninth NCO exam declared?

the reults of the 9th cyber olympiad will be declared on 31.10.2009 in the website

Question paper of national cyber olympiad for class 6th?

in the exam of cyber olympiad

How you see the result of cyber olympiad?

The results are usually declared on the site But like you I too am waiting(i.e. for the second level results)

Where can you get the results of 11th National Science Cyber Olympiad?

Well, the results are generally announced about 6 to 7 weeks after the exam... That's by about 25th of October.

Where are the results of the 7th national Cyber Olympiad?

find the result on the official website

Has anyone written national cyber olympiad 2009?


Where do you get tenth nco aper?

10th national cyber olympiad

When will the results of Unified Cyber Olympiad- 2nd level come?

on 24th February

When will the results for the 8th national cyber olympiad be announced?

The NCO results were announced on 15th October, 2008. Those who were getting in 10000s or 9000s or 8000s, they got high ranks like 239.

Where can you obtain sample test papers for National Cyber Olympiad?

Please try

No of students who appeared for national cyber olympiad?

Around 30,000 students in all oveer india.