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When should children stop wetting the bed?

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6 or 7 years old is a good age. If they continue to pee the bed then you might need to take them to the doctor so they can check to make sure that the child is growing properly. And to make sure that no one is abusing your child.

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How do you get a 5 year old to stop wetting the bed?

You can't really stop a 5 year old from wetting the bed but you can get them training pants that they wear to bed which are designed specifically for children of that age but if you are really really concerned about a bed wetting problem you should get the child checked out for illnesses such as diabetes.

Will you stop wetting the bed if your brother licks your private part?

No, you will probably not stop wetting the bed if your brother licks your private part. Wetting the is very common in some children. Many children simply grow out of it over time.

Can general anesthetic cause bed wetting in children?

Bed wetting is a common side effect from general anesthetic in children. The effect should subside in 2-3 days.

If your twenty six years old what should you do if your still wetting the bed?

You should probably stop

Can being circumcised stop you wetting the bed?


What are the demographics of bed-wetting?

Most children wet the bed occasionally.Many researchers consider bed-wetting normal until age 6. About 10% of 6-year-old children wet the bed about once a month. More boys than girls have this problem.

How do you stop 9 year olds from wetting their bed?

Get pull ups.

What age are you when you stop wetting the bed?

32... and three-quarters. rofl.

Can you get BV from wetting the bed?

You can't get BV from wetting the bed.

What is bed-wetting?

Bed-wetting is the unintentional (involuntary) discharge of urine during the night.

Medical term of bed-wetting?

The medical term of bed wetting is nocturnal enuresis.

How do you stop wetting the bed?

just go to the toilet when you go to bed and after before you go to sleep xx :)

Do you punish children for wetting the bed?

No if your child did not wet the bed on purpose. It will actually make things worse

How do you stop your self from wetting the bed?

Sunniya kayiru vachu kattitu thoongalam..! :)

How can I help my 17 year old son stop wetting the bed?

Your 17 year old should empty his bladder before he sleeps. Psychologically, he will think that he will not wet his bed.

What is nocturnal bed wetting?

Bed wetting at night for whatever type of.reason

Bedwetting In Children: Treatment Options?

Millions of children in the United States wet the bed each and every year. However, children do not have to suffer through this embarrassing problem without help. There are a number of treatment options as well as preventive steps that children and their parents can take in order to avoid bedwetting.Parents should consult a doctor about bed wetting during the child's next visit. While many young children may outgrow bed wetting, doctors may suggest treatments or other options. Doctors generally become concerned when children are still wetting the bed after they enter middle school. However, some doctors want to treat bed wetting earlier than this if the child has a family history of diabetes or some other medical conditions.Parents can help their children to stop wetting the bed by not giving the child soda pop before bed. Many parents also are able to limit the amount of liquids that their child consumes before going to sleep. Some children are able to stop wetting the bed when they receive chiropractic care or acupuncture. These treatment options may be effective for some children, while not effective for other children. Another option for many children and parents is prescription medication. DDAP is a drug that is used to treat children who wet the bed. This drug works by reducing the amount of water that a person needs to drink. It is extremely successful in patients who take the drug but the effects only last as long as the patient is using the medication.Many children simply have to wait until they grow out of their bed wetting. While it may be embarrassing to have to suffer with this problem, there are steps that parents can take to ensure that their child is not burdened by it. First, parents may have their child use diapers so that the child does not wake up during the night. Parents may also wake up their child during the night to use the restroom. Parents can also encourage their child to use a bed wetting alarm so that their child is woken when they start to wet the bed. However, the alarm may or may not work depending on how deeply a child sleeps.Many children want to stop wetting the bed. There are a number of treatment options available for children, however, not all of the treatments will work for each child. Some children simply have to keep trying different methods of treatment or wait until they outgrow wetting the bed.

How do you stop bed-wetting in sixth grade?

You tell them you love them and try to support them?

What is the health care term for bed wetting?

What is the health care term for bed-wetting

How can you stop from wetting the bed?

If this is a common thing then it is recommended to not drink any fluids past 6 pm and use the bathroom just before bed. If that doesn't help, try a bed-wetting alarm. They really do work and are highly recommended by physicians.

Does bed wetting produce bed bugs?


When should a child stop bed wetting at night?

There is no given time for a child to stop bed wetting. Doctors have found that sometimes the child has growing spurts and the kidneys have not grown as rapidly so they may wet the bed as most children are in deep REM sleep and unlike adults may not feel that urge to wake up and go to the washroom. The best thing to do is to say nothing and if your child is eight or nine years old then perhaps seek advice from your doctor to be sure there is nothing physically wrong.

How can adults stop bed wetting?

All adults need to do is to go to the bath room before they sleep.

How do you stop a child wetting the bed?

Actually, you cant really do nothing about it until there old enough and learns to not to.

What age is a boy when he stops wetting his bed?

Some stop younger, some older. I think I was about 7.