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They should take it away when there in preschool

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2010-04-04 04:05:25
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Q: When should parents take away their children's pacifier?
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What age should your baby stop using the pacifier?

u should lean away from them at age and stop them by age 4

How can you make a 7 year old stop using a pacifier?

a 7 year old shouldn't be using a pacifier kids should not be using a pacifier more than the age 4 and take all there pacifers away and they will not be able to use one

How do you stop sucking on a pacifier?

throw them all away

What is the right age to take away the pacifier?

lean away from it at 3 and have it gone by 4

Should a todler who is turning four in a week be using a pacifier?

when he or she turns three u should star6t taking them away and by 4 take them all and she or he will forget about them

What harm can a pacifier give to a babies?

none really the only harm will be taking it away which isn't that bad its better to give a child a pacifier then let them suck there thumb because u cant take there thumbs away!

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What should i do if my baby sucks her thumb?

Gently remove her thumb and replace it with a pacifier. In the long run, when it is time to break the habit, you can take away the pacifier and make a clean break. Thumb sucking is much more difficult because it is always with them. When they go to bed at night, it is right there. Pacifiers also tend to be more hygienic.

Should children be taken away if there parents are drug users?


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Battery acid can be dangerous plese discard of any leaking batteries right away.

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