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Never, they need twice their body weight in nectar to survive. If not, they will die.


If you live in an area where hummingbirds migrate south for the winter you should keep the feeders out until nectar is no longer being taken and make sure that the feeders are out early in the spring to catch the first arrivals for the next summer.... basically the first answer is correct if you live in a country where humming birds are present all year.

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When do you stop feeding hummingbirds in Virginia?


When do you stop feeding hummingbirds in Minnesota?

Don't stop! They know when to carry on about migrating. Stop when you have no birds.

When do you stop feeding hummingbirds in Connecticut?

they generally are gone south by the end of Sept

When should you start feeding hummingbirds in Ohio?

When you feel like it!

When should you stop feeding Hummingbirds Ohio?

A good guideline of when to stop feeding hummingbirds is to leave your Hummingbird feeder up for about 2 weeks after your Hummingbirds have left for the season. This will provide nectar for any Humming birds that might have gotten a late start on their southward migration due to illness, injury or other reasons. If you go 2 weeks without seeing a Hummingbird in September or October, when Humming bird migration occurs across most of the United States, this might be when to stop feeding hummingbirds and take down your feeder until next year. As the days get shorter, this decrease in the amount of daylight will trigger hormonal changes in the Hummingbird that will cause them to migrate southward. So leaving your feeder up longer at the end of the season will not cause them to hang around longer than they should. Now you should have a good idea of when to take down your hummingbird feeder and when to stop feeding hummingbirds.

When do you stop feeding hummingbirds in MA?

I usually see hummingbirds at my feeders until around the first of October. They are always back just about the first week of May.

When do you stop feeding hummingbirds in California?

When they no longer come to their feeder. I leave our feeder up all year after year.

When do you stop feeding hummingbirds in WI?

Whenever there are no more hummingbirds to feed. Hummingbirds migrate by internal calendars based on day length, no food availability, so leaving your feeder out will not stop them from migrating, A good rule of thumb is to leave your feeder up until two weeks after the first hard frost to provide extra energy for late-migrating hummingbirds.

When do you start feeding hummingbirds in NC?

When their hungry

When should you stop feeding Hummingbirds Indiana?

I live in Flat Rock Indiana and I feed my Hummingbirds until they decide to leave for warmer climates. Their natural instinct to migrate does not keep them here too long. Feeding these birds so they can store energy for the long trip is necessary. I am always sad to see the Ruby Throats leave. They provide much entertainment during the summer and when they leave that means cold weather is here for awhile. So keep feeding your Hummingbirds and they will be back next May.

Do hummingbirds have feeding times?

Yes They do they eat when they need to refuel!

When do you stop feeding hummingbirds?

In the Midwest, I stop feeding the hummingbirds about Thanksgiving. You can tell when they slow up coming and when the nectar isn't being used. It depends on where you live. In the Nashville Tennessee area, we stop feeding around the first week of September so that they will migrate, as the winter is too cold here for them. Usually, the rule is: when the flowers they naturally eat die out then remove the feeders. They like the rose of Sharon trees and lillies and momossia (not spelled right), but it is the tree that has leaves like ferns and bright pink fuzzy flowers on it. In Ohio?

Do hummingbirds feed at night?

I have a porch light on at night and yes the hummingbirds are there at various times that I have been up and seen them feeding.

When do you stop feeding hummingbirds in Arkansas?

WHEN YOU STOP SEEING HUMMERS! Usually you will see a lot of feeding before they head south again for the fall. I have had them stay in my area in Pope Co. as long as the first of Oct. They generally let me know they are back in April when they buzz my window!

In Wisconsin when to stop feeding hummingbirds?

Here in GA, you don't ever take your feeder down. Some species don't migrate. I don't know if it is the same for Wisconsin.

When should you stop hand feeding your Lorikeet?

you don't have to stop hand feeding your lorikeet if you do though it just might make the lorikeet trust you more.

When should you stop feeding puppy food?

You should stop feeding your dog puppy food when it reaches about 1 year. A typical puppy will reach adult size when its about 8-12 months.

How do hummingbirds use their wings?

The main ways hummingbirds use their wings are: to travel from place to place, they use them to hover while feeding and they use them to chase after intruders (most hummingbirds are highly territorial).

At what age should you stop bottle feeding a baby donkey?


Why fewer hummingbirds this year?

Fewer natural flowers and fewer human feeding stations

When can the cat's stop feeding their babies?

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When do you stop hand feeding rejected baby guinea pigs?

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When to stop feeding humming birds?

You should stop feeding them when the weather is noticeably cooler, and they haven't shown up for an extensive period of time. Or just around migration time, or late September

What can you do to stop hummingbirds from being endangered?

stop hunters first ,then stop people who make roads in the woods

Do hummingbirds ever stop flying?

yes. When they go to sleep.