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That means when you break it it will form a smooth flat surface. Slate has near perfect cleavage so it's used to make pool tables and blackboards.

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What is rock salts cleavage?

The cleavage of sodium chloride crystals is {100} Perfect, {010} Perfect, {001} Perfect.

What rock has perfect cleavage?


What is the rock cobalt's cleavage?

Cobalt has perfect cleavage in all directions.

What is Marble's Cleavage?

Marble is a rock, and therefore it has no cleavage. Calcite, the main constituent mineral, has perfect rhombohedral cleavage.

What does cleavage mean on a rock?

"Cleavage," when describing a rock, means that the rock will break apart in layers. Example:

What is the Difference between a rock cleavage and a mineral cleavage?

The mineral cleavage is made up of many other particles to form a rock when the rock cleavage is just a rock.

What cleavage does sandstone have?

Cleavage is a property of minerals. Sandstone is a rock type. As such it doesn't have the property of cleavage.Cleavage is a metamorphic fabric. Sandstone is not a metamorphic rock and thus can not display a cleavage.

What is The cleavage of a shale rock?

It has two cleavage planes

How much cleavage does a conglomerate rock have?

Conglomerate does not exhibit cleavage--it fractures.

What is the cleavage of bauxite?

Because bauxite is a rock, a mixture of minerals, it has no cleavage of its own.

Does gneiss have cleavage?

I dont think so because a rock can not have cleavage, but a mineral can

What is a marbles clevage?

Marble is a rock. This rock is created due to metamorphosis of limestone. If the marble rock does happen to have cleavage, the cleavage refers to fractures within the marble rock itself.

What is the cleavage of serpentine rock?

it is a45

What is the cleavage of granite the rock?

It does not have a cleavage, which is a characteristic of metamorphosed sedimentary rock, but it often has large-scale jointing created by strains as it solidifies and cools.

Dose magnetite have more cleavage or fracture?

Magnetite has fracture. No cleavage. A rock cannot have both.

What can you infer about a rock that had smooth edges?

it is cleavage

Is cleavage the way a rock breaks?


Compare and contrast cleavage and fracture?

Cleavage is when the rock gets cut in sheets. Fracture is when it can crumble and break.

Explain the difference between cleavage and fracture?

Cleavage is when you can break the rock into square like pieces and Fracture is when you break a rock into uneven different shaped pieces.

What has cleavage in One Direction?

haha ummmm a ROCK

Is basalt cleavage or fracture?

it has fracture. Basalt is an igneous rock.

What is cleavage on a rock?

Ability to split along flat surfaces

The breaking of a rock along a plane of weakness is called what?


What is clevege?

cleavage is the tendancy of a rock to break on an flat surface.

The breaking of a rock along a plane of weakness is called?


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