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Q: When something becomes cold energy is removed?
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When something becomes cold what gets removed from it?

Thermal Energy

What happens when energy is removed from gas?

The gas gets colder. Get it cold enough, it becomes a liquid.

Can a container of hot water have the same thermal energy as a container of cold water?

No, it can't have the same thermal energy. The hot water loses energy to the surroundings. Cold is an absence of energy, as energy is removed the water becomes cold.

What has more energy something hot or something cold?

Something hot has more energy than something cold because temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of particles in a substance. Higher temperatures correspond to higher kinetic energy levels.

What hapens when particles from a liqid lose energy?

The liquid becomes cold.

Why does your body feel cold when you are in an air-conditional room?

The sweat is evaporating. Evaporation requires energy - heat. That energy is removed from the surface of your skin, and you feel the loss of energy as cold.

What happens when warm water becomes cold?

The temperature will not be exactly half way between the two temperatures, but rather closer to the cold water's temperature.

How can you tell if something is conducting thermal energy?

You can tell if something is conducting thermal energy by observing if it becomes warmer to the touch when in contact with a heat source. Materials that are good conductors of thermal energy will quickly transfer heat from the source to the surrounding area. Metals like aluminum and copper are good conductors of thermal energy, while materials like wood and rubber are poor conductors.

How could something that is cold become warm?

By the application of energy.

What is the measure of how hot or cold something is specifically a measure of the average kinetic energy of the articles in an object?

Temperature is the measure of how hot or cold something is, specifically representing the average kinetic energy of the particles in an object.

When heat energy is used it becomes?

It becomes cold. Until room temperature. Then energy must be needed to suck more heat from it, and it can get colder then, like in a fridge - it is plugged into the power slot which powers it

What happens when heat is taken away from particles?

Basically it cools. If you take away enough heat it will change its physical state, from gas to liquid to solid. That is gaseous steam to liquid water to solid ice.