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Q: When stream flow decreases to below the critical settleing velocity of a certain size particle?
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Difference between turbulent flow and streamlined flow?

Streamline flow:The flow of a fluid is said to be streamline (also known as steady flow or laminar flow), if every particle of the fluid follows exactly the path of its preceding particle and has the same velocity as that of its preceding particle when crossing a fixed point of reference.Turbulent flow:The flow of a fluid is said to be turbulent or disorderly, if its velocity is greater than its critical velocity. Critical velocity of a fluid is that velocity up to which the fluid flow is streamlined and above which its flow becomes turbulent. When the velocity of a fluid exceeds the critical velocity, the paths and velocities of the fluid particles begin to change continuously and haphazardly. The flow loses all its orderliness and is called turbulent flow.

A small slope on a velocity vs. time graph indicates a small acceleration true or false?

It depends on whether it is a positive slope or a negative slope. If the velocity increases as time goes on, yes the particle is accelerating. If the velocity decreases as time goes on, it is decelerating.

What do you mean by critical velocity by method of dimensions establish its relation?

Critical Velocity has the same dimensions as of velocity & terminal velocity. [L/T]

As a moving object's velocity decreases its momentum decreases.?


As a moving object's velocity decreases does its momentum decreases?


As a moving object's velocity decreases its momentum decreases?


What does a parachute do to terminal velocity?

It decreases the terminal velocity of the parachutist.

When is the velocity vector of a particle tangent to the path of the particle?


What is the momentum of a resting particle?

Momentum = (mass) x (velocity)If the particle is at rest, velocity = 0, and momentum = 0.

What is the relationship between river depth and width and velocity of flow?

Manning equation if the hydraulic radius decreases then the velocity decreases

What is critical speed of pump?

Critical velocity is the speed that a falling object reaches when gravity and air resistance equalize on the object.when a liquid posses streamlined motion and its velocity is less than certain limiting velocity is called critical velocity for fluids and critical velocity for satellites can be defined as the velocity will give stable orbit, this is called the critical velocity for satellites

As momentum of an object decreases what happens to the veocity?

An object that decreases its speed also decreases the magnitude of its velocity and decreases the magnitude of its momentum. Momentum is mass time velocity. Less velocity, less momentum. Technically, velocity is a vector and therefor momentum is a vector. One can speak of smaller or larger magnitudes of a vector, but not smaller and larger vectors because vectors have magnitude and direction. Speed is the magnitude of velocity.