When the north poles of two magnets are placed together the poles?


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When the north poles of two magnets are placed together, they will repel each other.

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If you put the north and the south poles of two magnets together they will attract each other. By, Fatema Aftab

when the magnets repel they have the same poles facing each other. Like if you hold two north side pole together they will repel.

Magnets repeal each other when they're placed with their like poles together because they create a magnetic field when they're created.

Like poles (south-south or north-north) of magnets repel while opposite poles (north-south) attract.

Magnets have two poles north and south. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

Magnets stick together when you have two different poles next to each other. The North end and the South end attract, whereas two of the same poles repel. It is a magnetic force or pull that makes them stick together.

Yes, all magnets have an equal number of north poles and south poles. If they have one north pole they have one south pole, if they have two north poles they have two south poles, etc.

Magnets have two poles, these poles are called the North pole and the South pole. The North pole is the side of the magnet that points to the Earth's North pole when freely suspended.

magnets repel magnets. a north repels north, south repels south and north attracts south poles

Yes. If there are two magnets in front of each other, yes. North and North/South and South dont stay together.

Magnetism is the force with which objects are attracted or repelled to one another. Usually these objects are metals such as iron. Every magnet has two poles. This is where most of its magnetic strength is most powerful. These poles are called north and south or north-seeking and south seeking poles. The poles are called this as when a magnet is hung or suspended the magnet lines up in a north - south direction. When the north pole of one magnet is placed near the north pole of another magnet, the poles are repelled. When the south poles of two magnets are placed near one another, they also are repelled from one another. When the north and south poles of two magnets are placed near one another, they are attracted to one another. The attraction repelling of two magnets towards one another depends on how close they are to each other and how strong the magnetic force is within the magnet. The further apart of the magnets are the less they are attracted or repelled to one another.

A Magnet attracts or repels other Magnets, depending on their mutual orientation of North and South Poles. When placing like Poles of two Magnets together, the Magnets repel each other,

All magnets have a north and south pole if like poles are pushed together they repel each other, and unlike Poles attract and can join face to face.

A magnet has two poles, the north and the south. Opposite poles attract, meaning that a north pole will attract a south pole. Same poles repel; a north pole repels another north pole and a south pole repels another south pole. If two magnets attract each other, that pulls them together, and if they repel each other, that pushes them apart. That is the phenomenon that you observed, of magnets bouncing back when you try to put them together.

Yes, they repel when the same poles are together.

The two magnets will pull together.They Stick togetherattract

A magnet has a polarity, in that one end is the "north" and the other is the "south". Opposite poles attract but similar poles repell each other. You cannot make the north poles of two magnets stick together.

Repulsion. Magnets do not like to join like poles together, which is why a north and a south pole attract each other.

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