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Because as we move 1° it take 4 min to move . As Gujarat is far away from it the sun come to Gujarat by some some ° and time increases so , when the sun rises in Arunachal pradesh if ex at 6 o clock then it will rise in Gujarat according to its distance away from arunachal Pradesh

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Why it is still dark in Gujrat while the sun has already risen in arunachal pradesh?

it is because the sun takes 2 minutes to pass a longitude. as Arunachal Pradesh is located on the eastern side the sun rises early. and asGujaratis in the west, there are 30 longitudesbetween ArunachalPradesh andGujarat thus the sun rises at 6 pm inArunachal Pradeshand it takes time to cross the longitudes(1 hour) so it rises at 7 pm inGujarat.

While the sun has already risen in arunachal but it is still dark in gujarat why?

Cuz i said so

Is Buddhism still practiced in India today?

Buddhism is still practiced in India today. Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, JammuKashmir, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Sikkim, Tripura, these Indian states have a large population of Buddhists.

Who are chakma tribe in arunachal pradesh?

The Chakmas are the tribe came to the then NEFA now Arunachal Pradesh(one of the 29 states of India) from Chittagong Hill Tract of Bangladesh the then East Pakistan in 1964. But these Chakmas are still struggling for their citizenship rights from the govt. of India in the Honourable Supreme Court of India since 2007.They are struggling under the organisation called Committee for Citizen Rights of the Chakmas and Hajongs of Arunachal Pradesh. These Chakmas came to India with valid migration certificates issued by the rehabilitation ministry, Govt. of India. But there are already Chakmas in the Indian states of Mizoram, Tripura, Assam and West Bengal also where they are treated as Scheduled Tribe.

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Patels belong to the Upper caste Landlords of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Next after the Brahmins....they are actually the most dominant upper caste in Gujarat. That is the reason why other castes of Gujarat like Jats,Gurjars,Brahmins,Rajputs(Darbar),Lohana sometimes adopt this surname to mingle with the real upper caste Patels. In caste if a Patel is O.B.C or S.C, he is certainly not a real Patel but is misusing the Upper Caste status of The Patels.

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he kharif jowar-based cropping patterns.The area under the kharif jowar in India is highest inMaharashtra (2.5 m ha), closely followed by madhya Pradesh (2.3 m ha), whereas in each of the states of Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat, the area under thiscropsis between 1.0 and 1.4 mha. Jowar is mainly grown where rainfall distribution ranges from 10-20 per month at least for 3 to 4months of the south-westerly monsoon or is still more abundant.On the all-India basis, about 17 major cropping patterns have been identified. In them the basecropsiskharif jowar. Most of the alternativecrops are also of the type which can be grown under medium rainfall.In Maharashtra cotton, pulses, groundnut and small millets are sown as alternativecrops. In the adjacentstates of Madhya Pradesh, besides the above alternative crops, wheat and fodder are sown. In Rajasthanwheat, cotton, bajra and maize are grown in the kharif-jowar tract, whereas in Andhra Pradesh,groundnuts, cotton, oilseeds and pulses form the main alternativecrops.Besides cotton and groundnut,ragi is sown in the kharif-jowar tarct of Karnataka, whereas in Gujarat, bajra, cotton and groundnut are the major alternative crops

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Do Indians eat meat?

Traditionally Indians are not supposed to eat meat. But now many Indians do but do not eat beef (hindus) and pork (Muslims). However, there are some people who are still vegetarian especially those from Gujarat.

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