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When the supreme court decides an issue who are obligated to abide by the court's decision?


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all courts in every country with a common law tradition

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The US Supreme Court can overturn the decisions of other federal courts, and also set binding precedents that the lower courts are obligated to follow.

it gave the supreme court powers not specifically given by the constitution

other courts use the decision as a guideline when they rule on similar cases

it allowed the Supreme Court to overrule an unconstitutional law

When the US Supreme Court reviews decision of other courts, it is operating under its appellate jurisdiction.

when two or more lower courts cannot agree on a decision

because most cases dont get that far because they are dicede by lower courts

U.S. courts of appealThe actual answer to your question is none. No-one repeals decision of any courts. However, decisions of courts can be reversed. The Federal Courts of Appeals can reverse decisions of federal district courts. That's it.Added: And the US Supreme Court can over-rule the decision of ANY inferior court.

Article III of the Constitution vested Congress with the power of creating federal courts below the Supreme Court, at their discretion. This authority includes determining the number and (usually) jurisdiction of each court. Congress also has the power to eliminate federal courts below the Supreme Court.

The Four types of Supreme Court Opinions Includes: Unanimous Opinion: When the Supreme Court Justice Unanimously agrees with the decision. Majority Opinion: When the Majority agrees with the decision Concurrent Opinion: When a person agrees with the Majority of the decision, but for different reasons. Dissenting Opinion: When A person disagree with the Majority of the decision.

it decides what is right from wrong and it gets to approve over things by deanza hover i lover you guys

Yes, unless they can distinguish their case from the case the Supreme Court decided. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

The decision made slavery legal and slaves were properly without rights or citizenship.

how did the supreme courts decision in Plessy v. Ferguson affect African Americans

There is only one Supreme Court, while there are thousands of regular courts.The Supreme Court makes the final decision on all cases which gain appeal to it. Therefore, once the Supreme Court has made a decision it is final.The only way a Supreme Court decision can be appealed is by the case again going through the whole process of appeal through the lower "regular" courts then coming up again to the Supreme Court. Even then the Supreme Court can rule that it has already ruled on such a case, and therefore will not hear the appeal.That is partly why the Supreme Court is known as the "court of last resort."For more information about the federal court system, see Related Questions, below.

A United States Supreme Court decision is mandatory on all lower federal courts. That includes federal courts of appeal and federal district courts.

The Judicial Branch of the government, which is divided as various courts on the state level and as the Supreme Court on the Federal level, decides whether laws are Constitutional or not.

Yes, that is why the court is "supreme."

the elements of a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court must be followed by the lower courts.

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