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when can i expect menstruation after my operation of an ectopic pregnancy?

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Q: When to expect normal menstruation after an ectopic pregnancy?
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If you had an ectopic pregnancy can you have a normal pregnancy later?

Yes, however, there is a likelihood of another ectopic pregnancy if you have a first one.

Early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

Early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are spotting that does not go away, and pain on the side where the ectopic is. However, these symptoms mimick normal pregnancy symptoms. It is difficult to diagnose an ectopic any earlier than 4 weeks.

Whats the difference between a pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy?

A normal pregnancy is when the foetus grow in the womb where it's supposed to be, whereas an ectopic pregnancy is where the foetus is growing in the fallopian tubes, this is very serious if you suspect an ectopic pregnancy go strait to you GP or nearest A&E department, Ectopic pregnancies can be potentially life threatening.

Where does an ertopic pregnancy occur?

Ectopic refers to outside its normal place. Most occur in fallopian tubes, but occasionally an ectopic pregnancy can occur on the ovary or in the abdominal cavity.

How long does the abdominal pain last for if you have a ectopic pregnancy?

The abdominal pain following an ectopic pregnancy is a normal part of the healing process. The length of time the pain last depends on the severity of the ectopic pregnancy, the procedure performed, and how well your body heals.

Is an over the counter pregnancy test as effextive for an ectopic pregnancy as a normal pregnancy?

There are differences and sometime results for an ectopic can be different. Though with an ectopic your baby will not survive. They will give you medication to get rid of the baby or have to open you up. I'm in that spot right now... Good luck

Is brown bleeding for 2 days at my third pregnancy week normal and what are the symptoms?

go to the hospital it could be an ectopic pregnancy

What is icd-9 code for intrauterine pregnancy?

V22.2 is the code for a normal intrauterine pregnancy You also see 633.01 used ("Abdominal pregnancy with intrauterine pregnancy"), but that number is in the list of codes for ectopic pregnancies --- so I think the phrase "Abdominal pregnancy" in the descriptor is meant to imply "abdominal ECTOPIC pregnancy." I think it's an error to use it for a normal pregnancy.

Do you have a period with an ectopic pregnancy?

Ive had 2 Ectopic pregnancies. First time i was 6 weeks long and i got my period as normal though it continued on for the whole time i was pregnant. My second Ectopic pregnany i was 8 weeks along and got my period normally. So yes you can get your period with an ectopic pregnancy

After you've had an ectopic pregnancy is it possible to have a normal pregnancy if you get pregnant again?

Yes it is possible to have an ectopic pregnancy and have a negative pregnancy test, it is also possible to have a healthy pregnancy and have a positive pregnancy test in the first 10 days after a missed period. Pregnancy test kits are each calibrated to different levels of sensitivity and you have to ensure you are using a quality test, which is calibrated to detect reliably levels of hCG (the hormone, made in pregnancy.) You can find answers to your questions about ectopic pregnancy by using the link below.

Can you have a normal pregnancy after an ectopic?

Yes, you can! I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2001 and was worried I wouldn't be able to have a baby afterwards, because you are told that if you've had one ectopic, your chances of having another one greatly increase! Luckily for me, I went on to have a little girl; who is now 7!! So, if you've had an ectopic and you're worried it will happen again ... din't give up hope!

After an ectopic pregnancy is it possible to have pains in the same spot when getting pregnant again I'm wondering if this is another ectopic or could it still be a normal pregnancy thanks?

Having one ectopic does increase ur risk for a second. Definately go to ur doctor. Chances are still good ur baby is ok

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