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You should schedule your first appointment with an OB between 6-10 weeks.

after 4 weeks

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What is a OB Doctor?

Its an obstertics doctor, which see women who are pregnant. Its an obstertics doctor, which see women who are pregnant.

Pregnant need doctor exam having period?

If you're pregnant, you should always see a doctor for prenatal care. But if you're pregnant and bleeding you should definitely see a doctor.

I am pregnant and my urine has become bright yellow?

Go and see the doctor or midwife straight away - this could be serious

What should you do when you get pregnant?

see a doctor

How long will it take to become pregnant?

It is different for everyone. If you haven't conceived within 2 years, then go and see the doctor

Is 30 weeks pregnant too late to see a doctor?

When your pregnant it's never too late to see a doctor,but 30 weeks pregnant is too late to have an abortion.

What doctor do we go see when we are pregnant?


What should pregnant woman do?

See a doctor.

Why did Ruth go to the doctor?

To see if she was pregnant

What if you are not pregnant and you missed your period?

see a doctor

I don't know if I am pregnant But I do not want to see a doctor because I am scared?

You can purchase a home pregnancy test to see if you may be pregnant. If it shows you are pregnant, then you should go to a doctor to be positive.

Do you have periods when you are pregnant?

no No; go see a doctor ASAP if you have bleeding while pregnant.

Do you need to see a doctor of you are lactating and not pregnant?

Lactation is something that should only occur if you are pregnant or breastfeed. You need to see a doctor if you are lactating and not pregnant since it can indicate underlying health problems.

How is it possible to have a period when pregnant?

It isn't...see your doctor.

When should you see a doctor if you are pregnant?

Right away.

What doctor do you to check if you can get pregnant?

See a reproductive endocrinologist.

You are pregnant When should you see your doctor?

as soon as you know

How do you know if you are weeks pregnant?

You see a doctor for a ultrasound to see how far along you are.

Exam shows pregnant but not pregnant Bialiated?

Perform a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, see your Doctor for confirmation of your pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you have a swollen stomach and stomach pains and back pain but have been on the pill for two years but may have missed a pill?

Hi, Yes you can become pregnant while on BC pills. See your doctor for a blood test. Because if it isn't pregnancy related, you do need to see your doctor about your symptoms.

What if you are pregnant and are on antibiotics can it harm the baby?

See your doctor please.

Is it normal to have bleeding when you are 5 months pregnant?

No. See your doctor.

How can you tell how long you've been pregnant for?

see a doctor

What if I am ten days pregnant and don't want to be what can I do?

See a doctor

You think im pregnant please help you?

See a doctor