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that yellow light is the low coolant light either that or if its a manual it really really REALLY wants you to find the next gear

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โˆ™ 2005-07-26 07:04:37
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Q: When turbo whines in 1990 Eclipse a yellow light shines in shape of a house next to check engine light what does it mean?
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yellow light on dash next to check engine light what does it mean 1990 eclipse 1.8

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It looks like a little yellow engine.It looks like a little yellow engine.

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What is the yellow crown with an exclamation point on a 2008 Mitsubishi eclipse?

I heard that it was due to the Emergancy break. Or because of the tire pressure is low. I have an '09 Eclipse.

Yellow engine light comes on for my Honda Accord 2002?

I need to know if there is a yellow engine light or red engine light. Could it be timer chain or timer belt?

What does the engine block warning light mean?

A light that looks like a small yellow engine is the check engine light.See related questions below.A light that looks like a small yellow engine is the check engine light.See related questions below.

Where do you check oil on a Saturn 1.9 liter engine?

there are two dip sticks in the engine bay.. one is yellow the other is red... REd is for Transmission fluid...and Yellow is for Engine oil

What does the dash symbol just right of the check engine mean on a 1993 Mitsubishi eclipse?

If you are talking about a yellow symbol that kind of looks like a Miniature Jail, then that is a light for low coolant in your reservoir. Fill it up and you should be golden.

Where is the amplifier fuse located on a 2001 eclipse gs?

The Audio with Amplifier fuse is No. 15 in the fuse box. It should be a yellow 20 amp fuse. The box is located in the engine compartment driver side above the wheel well.

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It is a little yellow engine.

Can you drive my car with a yellow service light looks like the shape of an engine on your dashboard?

You can drive your car with the yellow 'service engine' light on the dashboard, but it is not recommended. This light warns you of the need to have the engine serviced.

Flashing engine light on 2003 Mazda mpv?

A yellow flashing engine light is an indication that the engine should be checked. The yellow flashing light can because by low water level or low motor oil.

A yellow warning light came on on your dashboard that looks like a radiator what it is 1995 eclipse?

Your coolant level is low.

Where's the dipstick on a 2001 740il?

When you have the hood up and your looking at the engine, it's the yellow or red colored dipstick that's between the engine or radiator. The one in my 740i is yellow.

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