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constructive or destructive interference

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Q: When two or more waves meet they have an effect on each other this called?
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What is it called when waves combine with each other?


What is it called sound waves interact with each other?

the interaction between sound waves is called interference.

What is dopler effect?

Doppler effect refers to a decrease in the frequency of waves as the observer or the source moves away from each other.

What is it called when waves pass through each other and make each other bigger?

its call superposition

What is it called when two waves meet and cancel each other out?

That is called destructive interference.

What is it called when waves travel as a group?

When waves act together, you talk about "interference".When they reinforce each other, it is "constructive interference".When they cancel each other, it is "destructive interference".

Sound waves can interfere with one another so that no sound results?

Yes they can. It's called destructive interference. When 2 sound waves converge on each other and the waves are 180 degrees out of phase then they will destructively interfere and the net effect will be the negation of both waves so you hear nothing.

Why are plane waves are called plane?

Plane waves travel parallel to each other in the same plane hence the name.

Do waves bounce off each other or go through each other?

Waves travel through each other.

What is it called when waves travel through each other and the crests overlap with crests and troughs over lap with troughs?

Standing Waves.

What is the name of the effect when 2 notes clash with each other?

The Name Of the Effect Is called Tremolo

The pattern created by overlapping sets of waves adding and canceling each other is called?

An interference pattern