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A while back ago Kane beat undertaker in a buried alive match and he went on to the royal rumble to win but undertaker's theme song came on and distracted Kane and some one sq Kane and the later coming month more and more sings of undertakers return were coming up and they would meet at wrestlemaina to fight undertaker won I will repeat aging look for sings near the royalrumble

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I think undertaker will return at royal rumble or at wreslemaina !

He will return in february to wwe.

The Undertaker took time off but returned to WWE.

The Undertaker is scheduled to reappear at Summer Slam.

he may return at sumerslam and join team wwe

Although The Phenom Undertaker was 'banished' from the WWE after Edge beat him in a TLC match at One Night Stand, he will return to the WWE. July 18, 2008 Yes, he will be return possibly at Summer Slam, he was just taking some time off like he does every year at this time. Undertaker will return at Summerslam and battle edge in a hell in a cell match

No He Is Just Takin A Break From The WWE He Will Return At The WWE Draft

The Undertaker is going to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2015.

he can return to wwe either survivor series or royal rumble or wrestlemania 28

yes he will vs. randy Orton at sommerslam No Undertaker has not said when he will return and he certainly will not be facing Orton

Undertaker will make him return on Wrestlemania. He is still recovering from Surgey. By the time Wrestlemania comes around he will be better.

I was reading an article that was talking about the undertaker and believe that it said something about a years break

no undertaker did not die the wwe are just pretending that he is dead but undertaker will return on night of champions in 2010

The Undertaker p.s Jeff hardy has left

Yes and he defeated Edge at SummerSlam

wrestlmina 25 undertaker will return.baddass

yes he will return at wrestlemania27

no he is going to return in a few months

he willl return in the royal rumble in 2011 or wrestlemania 27 in 2011

I don't think so. Even if he returns I the wwe I don't think undertaker Will lose the streak to him

after the loss to undertaker at wrestlemania 25 he will return but after the loss to undertaker in wrestlemania 26 he may never return however some say he is gonna return and fued with chris Jericho

Undertaker is going to return before summers over