Survivor is the reality television game show that popularized the genre. Contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete for cash and other prizes. The show uses a system of progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off other tribe members until only one final contestant remains and wins the title of "Sole Survivor".

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What was the inspiration behind Wayfaring?

The primary inspiration was those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, the ones where you reach the bottom of the page and you have a few options on where the story will go next. You would read a page of the story, then be presented a choice: If you want to go into the cave, turn to page 34; If you want to turn around and continue driving down the road, turn to page 41. That format transformed books from simple linear narratives into interactive journeys where the reader got to control what happened next. That concept is the core of Wayfaring. We'll provide the options, but the audience is going to choose all of our major actions for us. This is going to be the viewer's trip as much as it is ours.


How long is a survivor season?

Survivor contestants are competing for 39 days. Each episode shows about 3 days. The season airs on TV for around 3 months.


When does survivor 22 start airing in Australia?

Survivor usually airs in Australia a few weeks/months after it does in America.

Survivor: is currently on the 24th season of Survivor. It is set to premiere in Australia in May 2012.

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What day is the TV show survivor on?

Survivor aired on Thursday nights. However, due to a drop in ratings, in 2010 for the 21st season, Survivor switched days to Wednesday.

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What do Survivor contestants get paid?

According to the Survivor Applicant Agreement contract which can be read in full by clicking on the attached link,

"Producers may, in its sole discretion, give consolation cash prizes to each contestant based on the order of each contestant's elimination (ranging in amount in Producer's sole discretion from approximately $2,500 for the first contestant eliminated from the Series to approximately $100,000 for the runner-up to the winner of the Prize) but has no obligation to do so, and, in its sole discretion, may also give additional consolation prizes in cash or in kind to all or some of the contestants, but has no obligation to do so."

An estimate of how the pay scale works out for the castaways would depend on the amount of contestants for the season, but would approximately play out as follows:

$1,000,000 1st Place Sole Survivor

$100,000 2nd Place Runner Up

$50,000 3rd Place

$25,000 4th Place

$20,000 5th Place

$15,000 6th place

$12,000 7th Place

$10,000 8th Place

$9,000 9th place

$8,000 10th Place

$7,000 11th place

$6,000 12th place

$5,000 13th place

$4,000 14th Place

$3,000 15th place

$2,500 16th place Last Place

Additionally, $100,000 is awarded to the fan favorite.

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Is Parvati Shallow married?

Simply put, no she is not.


When is the finale of survivor south pacific?

The finale is one week from this Sunday! Make sure you tune in! I'm rooting for Albert. Who are you rooting for?

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Does second place on survivor win money?

Yes they do. $100,000 to be precise.


Who was the winner of the fall season of Survivor in 2011?

The 2011 fall season of Survivor was won by Sophie Clarke.


Who is Russell Hantz?

Dude on survivors, hes awesome, best person to ever play the game by far.

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Does Jeff Probst have children?

As of September 2011, Jeff Probst does not have any children.


Who won survivor south Pacific?

Coach won. What happened Is coach took his tribe to the end and then in this order had his tribe vote out Sophie Albert Rick Edna Brandon and then it came down to who won tat redemti


How long does the show survivor last?

Most seasons of Survivor are 39 days.


Who composed the Survivor Theme Song?

Russ Landau composed the Survivor theme song.


Who got voted off survivor last night?

to see up to date Survivor news look here SurvivorFandom

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How old is Jeff Probst?

TV producer Jeff Probst is 55 years old (birthdate: November 4, 1962).


Did sugar win in survivor gabon?

No she did not. Bob won with 4 votes. Susie got 3 votes. Sugar got 0 votes.


How many seasons has the TV show survivor been on?

As of September 2014, Survivor is about to air the 29th season.


How tall is Stephen fishbach from survivor?

Stephen Fishbach is approximately 6'2".


What are the names of all of the Survivor seasons?

1. Survivor: Borneo Aired During: May 31, 2000-August 23, 2000

2. Survivor: Australian Outback Aired During: January 28-May 3, 2001

3. Survivor: Africa Aired During: October 11 2001-January 10, 2002

4. Survivor: Marquesas Aired During: February 28-May 19, 2002

5. Survivor: Thailand Aired During: September 19-December 19, 2002

6. Survivor: Amazon Aired During: February 13-May 11, 2003

7. Survivor: Pearl Island Aired During: September 18-December 14, 2003

8. Survivor: All-Stars Aired During: February 1-May 9, 2004

9. Survivor: Vanuatu Aired During: September 16-December 12, 2004

10. Survivor: Palau Aired During: February 17-May 15, 2005

11. Survivor: Guatemala Aired During: September 15-December 11, 2005

12. Survivor: Panama Exile Island Aired During: February 2-May14, 2006

13. Survivor: Cook Island Aired During: September 14-December 17, 2006

14. Survivor: Fiji Aired During: February 8-May 13, 2007

15. Survivor :China Aired During: September 20-December 16, 2007

16. Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites Aired During: (akaSurvivor: Micronesia) February 7-May 11, 2008

17. Survivor: Gabon Aired During: September 25-December 14, 2008

18. Survivor: Tocantins Aired During: February 12-May 17, 2009

19. Survivor: Samoa Aired During: September 17-December 20, 2009

20. Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Aired During: February 11-May16, 2010)

21. Survivor: Nicaragua Aired During: September 15, 2010 - December 19, 2010

22: Survivor: Redemption Island Aired During: February 16, 2011 - May 15, 2011

23. Survivor: South Pacific September 2011.


Are Amanda and Ozzy from Survivor still together?

No, they dated a little while after the show stopped airing, but it didn't work out. It was never a relationship; just a small thing Survivor does to make the show more interesting. He's now rumored to be dating Daniele Donato from Big Brother.


When does the 2012 season of survivor one world begin?

The first show of the new season is on Wednesday (8:00 PM - 9:00 PM) 02-15-2012 on CBS


Can Australian's be survivor contestants?

Australia has their own version of Survivor with many Australian contestants.


When is Survivor South Pacific going to be filmed?

Survivor: South Pacific began filming on May 30, 2011.

It will premiere on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 at 8PM ET/PT.


Who got voted off survivor on 12-8-10?

Ben 'Benry' Henry was voted off the December 8th, 2010 episode of Survivor.


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