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The plaming tubes are all conected.When the cold water run in kitchen the cold water at the shower become less,so with less cold water at the mix cold-hot (the balance is desterb),making the water hoter.Same if you turn on the hot in the kitchen the water will be colder in the shower.

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Why is water hotter in kitchen and not in shower?

The kitchen is probably closest to the water heater and the shower is the farthest. Water cools down the farther it travels through the pipes.

Where does upstairs sink water and shower water drain to?

There is a main drain that runs from the basement through the roof where it is the vent for the system. If you look at the layout of the house, the upstairs bath is most likely over the downstairs one or the kitchen. If you look on the roof, you will see a 4 inch pipe coming through the roof that should be over the upstairs bath. The sink and shower drain into that and then to the basement and out of the house. Most likely the main stack is in the wall behind the toilet.

What causes a water pressure drop in the shower when someone turns another faucet on?

If you assume that the water entering your house in the mains pipe is at a constant pressure (this is a relatively good assumption) then the more outlets you give for it to flow from, the lower the flow rate from each one. Say you are supplied 1 litre per second and your shower is using all of this. Now, turn a tap on to 0.3 litres per second and there is 0.7 litres per second coming from the shower head. Showers are often upstairs and kitchens downstairs, so if the tap in question is in the kitchen then the effect will be greater than if they were both on level. The pressure of the water in the kitchen tap is made larger by the head of water pushing down from upstairs, and when both are turned on, the kitchen tap can "steal" more of the shower's water than a bathroom tap would when twisted the same amount.

Kitchen sink gurgles when upstairs toilet is flushed?

The gurgling in your kitchen sink drain trap is because your drain system from you upstairs toilet is not vented properly. As the flow drops down the vertical drain pipe from the upstairs it sucks the water out of your kitchen sink drain trap and causes it to gurgle. It could drain the kitchen sink trap and allow sewer gas to flow into your kitchen. The fix is to either install an Air Admittance Valve (AAV) in your kitchen sink drain plumbing or properly vent the upstairs toilet drain.

What is the cause of downstairs shower and floor draining backing up?

The main drain is plugged. Not completely, but enough that it is easier for the upstairs water to come out in the shower and floor drain instead of going out the drain.

How do you fix an upstairs bathroom shower leak and should a professional do it?

You should let a professional do that, incase there is more damage that you can not see that the water has done.

What can you do if you turn the water off on the main floor underneath the toilet can you use the bathtub upstairs?

Unless it is a very strange arrangement, turning off the toilet on the first floor should only shut off the water to that toilet. It should have no effect on the upstairs shower.

Why would a 2 story house with 2 water heaters have hot and cold water in the downstairs bath but only hot in the kitchen and no water upstairs?

it sounds like there are crossed lines. if there is no water upstairs there has to be a valve that is off. even if there is low pressure it would eventually fill the line and you would get some water.

What causes the sink water from the flat upstairs to come down in kitchen sink downstairs?

A blocked pipe. The water can not go down the pipe, so it comes out in your sink.

What would cause kitchen sink drain to gurgling when shower is running?

your vent on your shower or kitchen (if you have one) is not working and either the air from the water in the shower drain is carried down stream till it T's off to your kitchen sink then the air follows to your kitchen sink drain line backwards and to your kitchen sink trap and then bubbles through your trap because your water in your kitchen trap can not drain but the air has enough pressure to go through it OR your water from your shower is flowing past your kitchen drain T and making a siphon which causes air to go through your kitchen trap and makes the gurgling sound one way to fix the problem is to add a Vent line on your kitchen drain and your shower drain with in 42" on 1 1/2 or 60" on 2" on your trap arm if you want to follow the UPC code. Note to above Respondent: That little dot next to the question mark is a "period". Try throwing one in once in a while.

Why did your upstairs water stop working?

MY upstairs water is working fine, why do you ask?

What is the minimum water pressure required to install a shower?

This does vary slightly according to the shower, but for a shower without a pump, using a gravity feed, a water pressure of at least 0.1 bar is recommended. If your water pressure is low you will need to install a pumped shower.

Is there anything you can do to correct the problem of shower water changeing when kitchen water is turned on?

Yes, remove your old shower valve and fit a new Moen anti-scald valve. This will not change when other items are turned on.

Why are your cumquat leaves yellow?

Because you are using shower or bath water to water it. It will die if you continue to do it.

Where is the shower water filter located?

The shower water filter's location varies on what type of shower head it is. It is located within the shower head, or it can be a separate device that is attached to the shower head. It is usually located just before where the water comes out of the shower head.

Why would there be great water pressure in an upstairs bath tub and almost no pressure in the adjacent shower when both use the same access pipe from the basement?

Remove the shower head on the shower and see if it is plugged. Run the water with the shower head off and see if the pressure is better. Depending on where you live there may be a water saving feature on the shower head (mandated by law) for water consevation. Low flow shower heads often have a restricter in them. Delta has a brass washer with a very tiny hole in it and Moen has a rubber plug with 3 small holes in it.

Does a curved shower rod make water from the shower leak onto the floor?

No. Curved shower rods have a unique crescent shape that keeps the water from getting on the floor. They also give you more physical space in the shower. Many hotels are using these shower curtain rods in their hotels.

How do you take a shower without using water?

Usually acid works the best for me

Why is there still a trickle of water in your kitchen faucet when main valve shut off - no trickle anywhere else?

Water is coming down from upstairs or it is back pressure from the water heater. If it is the water heater, it can come out of either side of the faucet.

Does shower water take more water then bath water?

No and yes it matters how long your in but for me i am in the shower for 5-10 minuets and it uses more then a bath. The reason is that when your in a bath the same water is being used through your cleaning but with a shower it is being filtered the whole time. For me I would recommend using the shower because it is a cleaner way to clean yourself.

Does shower water have sperm?

Water entering the shower has no sperm. Water leaving the shower might, depending on who was there last.

How do you use water as a natural resource?

By drinking it using for our necessity's,sutch as takin g a shower using it to was our hands and more.

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