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Bredon School was created in 1845.

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Q: When was Bredon School created?
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When was Bredon railway station created?

Bredon railway station was created in 1840.

When was Bredon Hill Hoard created?

Bredon Hill Hoard was created in 2011-06.

What is the population of Bredon?

Bredon's population is 2,513.

When did Simon Bredon die?

Simon Bredon died in 1372.

When was Anne Bredon born?

Anne Bredon was born in 1930.

When did Bredon railway station end?

Bredon railway station ended in 1965.

What has the author Robert Bredon written?

Robert Bredon has written: 'China: abdication and what it means, 1912' 'River conservancy at Shanghai' 'Advice and advisers'

When is bredon uries birthday?

April 12 1987

What is Bilton School's motto?

The motto of Bilton School is 'positive about our future. Believe in Bilton.'.

When was Victoria Woodhull born?

Victoria Woodhull was born on September 23, 1838.

What has the author John Severn Walker written?

John Severn Walker has written: 'A guide to the Churches of Bredon, Kemerton, and Overbury' -- subject(s): St. Faith's (Church : Overbury, Worcestershire), St. Giles (Church : Bredon, Worcestershire), St. Nicholas (Church : Kemerton, Worcestershire)

Who are some schools involved with the Schools and Universities Polo Association or SUPA?

Schools in the Schools and Universities Polo Association include Beaudesert School, Bredon School, Charter School, Cheam School, Cheltenham College, Cheltenham Ladies College, Dragon School, Eagle House School, Millfield School, Milton Abbey, Moulsford School, Pappplewick School, Pates Grammar, Pershaw High, Prince Henrys Grammar School, and Winchester House.