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British Volleyball Federation was created in 1955.

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Turkish Volleyball Federation was created in 1958.

Cyprus Volleyball Federation was created in 1978.

British Columbia Federation of Labour was created in 1910.

British Federation of Film Societies was created in 1969.

British Armed Forces Federation was created in 2006.

British Columbia Teachers' Federation was created in 1919.

the Philippine Volleyball Federation

The FIVB is the world volleyball government body. (Federation Internationale De Volleyball)

The British colonialist approved the creation of the Federation of Australia in 1900. However, the federation began to perform its tasks as an independent state from January 1901.

Federation Internationale de Volleyball

British Leather Federation. has written: 'British cowhide leathers'

FIVB means Fédération Internationale deVolleyball in Portuguese and in English it means International Federation of Volleyball.

British Federation of Film Societies's motto is 'Cinema for All'.

Congregational Federation was created in 1972.

Mali Federation was created in 1959.

Federation of British Industries.

Mirador Volleyball was created in 1970.

Arcade Volleyball was created in 1989.

RealSports Volleyball was created in 1982.

Football Federation of Cambodia was created in 1933.

Hellenic Basketball Federation was created in 1932.

Basketball Federation of Montenegro was created in 1955.

USSR Federation Cup was created in 1986.

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