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Download It was created on 2003-09-22.

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Q: When was Download It created?
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How do you clear your torrent download history?

In order to clear your torrent download history you need to go to settings - applications - all - download manager- then select clear data. This should remove your torrent download history from your computer.

How can you download horrible histories songs?

Sorry you cannot download Horrible Histories songs until the Savage Songs soundtrack comes out, which is not yet. You can download episodes up to series three though. I know because I have them on my ipod because I am the biggest Horrible Histories fan in the UNIVERSE. Also you can download the audio books for about £1.05. As for the episodes they are 99p each but you can buy a whole series for £12.00

Where could one find a free legal download of Civilization?

You cannot find a free, legal download of Civilization. You need to pay for the download if you want it to be legal. Many users do illegal downloads from places like UTorrent but it is not recommended if you would like to keep your internet service and stay out of jail.

Can you download the horrible histories songs?

No, sadly you can't download the horrible histories songs yet =( There is apparently an album coming out soon but I don't know the exact date. If you go to iTunes though, you can download episodes from all the series so far. I am the world's biggest HH fan, so if there is an album coming out soon, I shall most certainly be one of the first to know about it!

When was The Carpathians created?

The Carpathians was created in 1988.

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Download This Song was created on 2006-03-21.

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The Download EP was created on 2007-01-06.

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Download to Donate was created on 2010-01-19.

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Inception - Download album - was created in 2002-01.

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Last Road Trip Download Series was created on 31-12-16.

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Grateful Dead Download Series Family Dog was created on 1970-02-04.

Where can you download Intro from Enter the Chicken?

Here is a link to download it for free. This download was created by Nitroxnick.

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Straight from the people who created the site, You should have no problems if you download it from there.