History of Germany

When was Germany founded?

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In 1871 modern Germany became a nation-state.

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When was German founded?

Modern Germany was founded in 1871 as the German Empire (Second Reich). The Federal Republic of Germany, i.e. postwar West Germany and the current Germany, was founded in 1949.

When was the republic of West Germany founded?

The Federal Republic of Germany ("West Germany") was founded on 7 May 1949.

Who was Germany founded by?

Germany Was Founded In 1871 By [ Unkown ] - Please Post by who if any info

Where was flowertown Germany located and when was it founded?

It was located on the north-western part of Germany and founded in 1543

What European country founded new braunfels in Texas?

Well, most of Texas was founded by Germany, New Braunfels, Texas was one of towns founded by Germany.

When was the Federal Republic of Germany founded?

It was founded on 23 May 1949.

Where was the piano founded?

i think Germany

Where was the uncertainty principle founded?


When was Crytek founded?

Crytek was founded in 1999 by the Yerli Brothers in Coburg, Germany.

How was Germany founded?

it was founded when there was a war in 1869 which lasted 2 years and they declared it to be their land

Where was the protestant religion founded?

Europe; Germany

Who founded Parow Germany?

The founder is not known.

What year was Frankfurt Germany founded and who by?


Where and when was puma shoes founded?

PUMA was founded by Rudolf Dassler it was officially registered in 1948 in Germany

Was Caterpillar Inc founded in Germany?

No check

When was Neuss Germany founded?

In 16 BCE by the Romans.

Where were neanderthals first founded?

The Neander Valley, Germany.

Who founded Hugo Boss?

Hugo Boss was founded in the year 1924 in the city of Metzingen --Germany, by Hugo Boss.

How do you say gymnastics in Germany?

Gymnastik the contributors of gymnastics in Germany is not founded in any site that's all!...............

What is the oldest college in Germany?

The University of Heidelberg, founded in 1386.

When was Berlin Germany founded?

The generally accepted date is 1237.

In which country were the Adidas and puma footwear companies founded?


In which country were Adidas and Puma footwear companies founded?

Germany :-)

Who founded the first automobile assembly line in Germany?


What is the economic system of Germany?

Germany has a social market economy. Germany founded the European Union, as well as the Eurozone. Its official currency is the Euro.