When was LC Smith Hunter Arms SN 108 138 manufactured?

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Their website has a process for you to date your firearm, look under FAQ's.
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Who manufactured Diamond Arms shotguns?

Answer . \nThe 23rd edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values refers to Adco Sales Incorporated, located in Walburn, Mass. But AdCo had nothing to do with these shotguns. They import semi-automatic shotguns made in Turkey.\n. \nDiamond Arms Co. was a trade name used by Shapleigh Hardware of St Loui ( Full Answer )

What is approximately the year of manufacture of a Marlin M93 SN C1444?

Answer . \nThere are no records for post 1906 era Marlins. All model '93 marked Marlins were made after WWI, and most with the C prefix will be from the 1924-early 1930's era. That's about as close as I can get you, without knowing more about the gun's rollstamp markings.

What year was a Browning Sweet Sixteen with SN of X20179 manufactured?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nBrowning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge shotgun. Original Belgian made sweet 16 with matted rib barrel. Early gun with round knob made in 1963. $1150.00 see picture Item# S1659. I found this information at http://www.collectorsfirearms.com/newarrivals-II.htm\n. \n. \n ( Full Answer )

When did John Deere manufacture the model 108?

The 108 is an 8hp Briggs & stratton tractor made from about 1980 to 1986. It was replaced by the JD 130. Your JD dealer should be able to look up the microfilm listing for the tractor and give you an exact year of manufacture from the serial number.

What is the value of a LC Smith double barrel shotgun?

To figure out the actual value of a LC Smith shotgun (Elsie) you need to gather as much information about the gun your either selling or looking to buy. Aside from the different gauges you have to consider barrel length, single or double trigger, grade and so on. LC Smith shotguns were originally bu ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson SN 069000?

Almost impossible to determine what it is without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, type of action, caliber, type of firearm (handgun or rifle or shotgun), condition, etc

What is the date of manufacture of a Browning A5 16ga with sn T7088?

Answer . This is a Standard Weight 16 gauge. A certain group of Auto-5's were made with a change of serial code for a brief time. FN made and shipped guns with the "T" prefix Between late 1957 and April 1958 when the code was then changed to the well know date code of "8R" for Standard 16's. Ther ( Full Answer )

Who made the shot gun lc smith?

Go to lcsmith.org. Scroll onto shotguns, click on history.. From 1888 to 1945 the Hunter Arms Company manufactured the LC Smith shotgun. In 1945, Marlin bought Hunter and made the LC Smith until 1951. And again from 1968 until 1973.

What is an LC?

LC means long course meter pool, the Standard Olympic Distance. Answer It means a pool 50 metres long so 100 metre events can take place by doing 2 lengths SC is a 25 metre pool

Who owned the hunter arms company?

in 1888,L.C,Smith sold his business to John Hunter of Fulton, New York, where they offered both the hammer and hammerless type double barelled shotguns. They underwent bankrupcy proceedings in 1917 and into receivership and continued under limited operation until 1920 when purchased by investers who ( Full Answer )

Is LC Smith and Smith and Wesson related?

L.C. Smith and his family produced guns but are not of Smith andWesson fame. He is, however, the namesake for the L.C. SmithShotgun.

What is a LC?

LC means a circuit contain capacitor(C) and inductor(L). They are connected in series. L is inductance, units is Henry (H) . C is capacitance, units is Faraday (F) don't have battery.

Date of manufacture Remington 870 Wingmaster SN V105399V?

The receiver sn.number v105399v means very little .The letters on the original barrel are the key.Take the letters on that barrel to a Remington dealer and he will tell you this weapon was made in 1979. Ifyou don't have the original barrel good luck.

What year was schwinn sn f236579 manufactured?

To try to answer this, a bit more info might be helpful. Do you have anything else besides the sn, i.e. a model name? If you have a Schwinn mfgr'ed before Schwinn went under and became naught-but-a marketing tool for Pacific Cycle/Dorel, there may be numbers stamped (faintly visible) on the head-b ( Full Answer )

What is your typewriter worth LC Smith Superspeed 11?

Check out mytypewriter.com-this might be of some value to guide you through the various Smith-Corona typewriters. Model 11 is not specifically listed, but the going price for the closest one L.C. Smith No. 10 goes for $900 dollars-if its in excellent shape, @ $1050 dollars. That's retail, of course, ( Full Answer )

What is an LC Smith worth?

100 to tens of thousands of USD depending on EXACTLY what you have. side by side/12 guage/ great shape

How much is a 1936 LC Smith shotgun worth?

A 1936 LC Smith shotgun is worth a differing amount of moneydepending on what condition it is in. Some collectors will pay asmuch as $1,400.

Who manufactured Moisin Nagant SN 4B9023?

Moisin-Nagant rifles were made by the government arsenals of Russia, and several other countries for many, MANY years. The websitewww.surplusrifle.com has some good information on the M-N's, including copies of the arsenal marks from different Russian Arsenals. My 91-30 rifle was made at the Tula ar ( Full Answer )

Can you dry fire a LC Smith Shotgun?

no you should not do that. you can get snap caps then you can dry fire your gun. firing pins are hardened and each time you snap it without a snap cap it is just like scoring glass .

What year was Winchester model 21 sn 13499 manufactured?

the records of Winchester never listed the production fiqures of the model 21 after world war II.from 1930-1941 there were 10,500 made and recorded.I do know that the total production between 1930-1988 were 32,500 guns,One way to get a difinitive answer is to contact the Cody firearms museum in Cody ( Full Answer )

What is date of manufacture of Ruger pistol SN 30-45172?

Go to the Ruger website, select customer service, historical data, pistols, and find your model number. The site will list serial number ranges for each year- but requires the model number (which you did not give us),

When was model 92 sn 361994 manufactured?

With the last recorded and dated serial number for your rifle being 355,300 in 1906,I would have to say that your marlin model 1892 was probably made in 1907.

What is an lc smith specialty trap shotgun?

The name pretty much describes the gun. It's an LC Smith Specialtygrade single barrel trap shotgun. They were made from about 1917 to1940. The single barrel trap is a gun made strictly for the game oftrap shooting. The Specialty grade is about mid range in the LCSmith grades and features a moderate ( Full Answer )

What year was Iver Johnson model1900 SN 18411 Manufactured?

All that I can say is the Iver Johnson Model 1900 was made from 1900-1941.The Model 1900 Target small frame from 1925-1928,and the large frame model 1900 Target from 1921-1941.I do not know if Iver Johnson kept records of serial number by year?With a serial number that low,I would safely assume that ( Full Answer )

How do you read the sn on a Smith and Wesson 4046 to find manufacture date?

Smith and Wesson began listing serial numbers in 1984 with a three letter prefix to there serial numbers.So you should be able to identify the year of manufacture by the 3 letter prefix and then the following number.Smith and Wesson began production of the model 4046 in 1991,and discontinued this mo ( Full Answer )

When was winchester 94-30 wcf sn 1302102 manufactured?

Winchester chose not to keep records or there model 1894 production by year and serial number during the World War II years (1943-1948).I can say that yours was made close enough to the serial number cut off point to be made in the year 1943 thou.I hope that you find this informative.