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Lambda Theta Nu was created on 1986-03-11.

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Q: When was Lambda Theta Nu created?
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When was Pi Lambda Theta created?

Pi Lambda Theta was created in 1910.

When was Lambda Theta Phi created?

Lambda Theta Phi was created on 1975-12-01.

When was Lambda Theta Delta created?

Lambda Theta Delta was created on 1983-03-02.

When was Theta Nu Xi created?

Theta Nu Xi was created on 1997-04-11.

When was Theta Kappa Nu created?

Theta Kappa Nu was created on 1924-06-09.

What is Lambda Theta Phi's motto?

The motto of Lambda Theta Phi is 'Chivalry Above Self'.

What is the motto of Lambda Theta Delta?

Lambda Theta Delta's motto is 'Loyalty, Trust, Diversity'.

What is Theta Kappa Nu's motto?

Theta Kappa Nu's motto is 'Every Man Is a Man'.

What is Theta Nu Xi's motto?

The motto of Theta Nu Xi is 'Sisters of Diversity, Together as ONE'.

What is the formula for Nu?

C over lambda

What is the formula for lambda?

c over "nu"

When was Lambda Lambda Lambda created?

Lambda Lambda Lambda was created on 2006-01-15.