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When was Locks of Love started?

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Locks of Love was started in 1997.

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Who started Locks of Love?

What charity work does Jason Derulo do?

locks for love/love for locks

Does Great Clips participate in locks of love?

Yes. Great clips does participate in locks of love.

Where can I donate locks of love hair in pa?

Locks of Love is located in Florida. You need to call them and they will give you instructions. Or you can find a beauty shop that participates in the Locks of Love program and they can send it.

What is the address for Locks of Love?

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Where do you send in your hair for locks of love?

The link below goes straight to the Locks of Love organization. It's a great charity.

Does Locks of Love charge for their wigs?


Does Locks of Love make wigs for men?

Locks of love is dedicated to children with financial disadvantages. Wigs for men are available at

Do any salons in San Mateo hold locks of love events if so where and when?

Sorry they dont have locks of love if they did i would tell u.

Where to donate hair in Houston?

Locks of Love

Where do you send a hair donation?

Locks of Love

Do you get a free hair cut when you donate your hair to locks of love?

No, they don't. Some programs may, but for Locks of Love, you just donate it for the good cause.

Who is the founder of locks of love?

The founder of Locks of Love is not a single person, but an organization. The organization was a wig making corporation. The person in charge of the organization was Madonna Coffman.

Can you donate a wig or hair piece?

Actually if you have really long hair there is a program called locks for love where you can go to a Barbour shop and ask them if they do locks for love and if they do you can have them cut your hair and send it to locks for love and then they will use your hair to make wigs for people with cancer and are loosing their hair.

Where can you donate your hair to for the children with cancer?

locks of love

What does Jason Derulo do for charity?

the locks and love charity

Where can you sell your hair for money?

Try the Locks of Love website. _____________ Oops.....Locks of Love takes donations only and does not offer a payment for hair. I made a mistake...sorry.

How long does your hair have to be to cut it for locks 4 love?

I have recently donated my hair to locks-for-love, and you hair atleast has to be 18 inches or around/near to your belly button.

Does locks for love take dreadlocks?

No. I was just on their website and they do not take dreadlocks. Neither does the Pantene program for Beautiful Locks. Sorry!

What is the email address for locks of love? is the email

Can you cut 6 inches for locks for love?

no you have to qive 8

What do you get when you donate your hair to Locks of Love?

Happiness, that you helped someone.

Where can you find information on Locks of Love?

Most hair salons have information on and about Locks of Love. Hair goes to makes wigs for children with cancer. Give a few hair salons a call

How do you donate your hair?

You can find requirements on the donation on the locks of love website. You mail your donation to:Locks of Love234 Southern Blvd.West Palm Beach, FL 33405-2701

Who pays for the hair cut for Locks of Love?

You do. you pay for the actual hair cut, and if the hair you cut off is long enough (im not sure how long) then you can donate it to the foundation, locks of love.

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