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Marcus Oldham College was created in 1962.

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Q: When was Marcus Oldham College created?
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When was The Oldham College created?

The Oldham College was created in 1839.

When was Oldham Sixth Form College created?

Oldham Sixth Form College was created in 1992.

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Oldham was created in 865.

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Oldham Roughyeds was created in 1876.

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When was Gallery Oldham created?

Gallery Oldham was created in 2002.

When was The Oldham Era created?

The Oldham Era was created in 1876.

When was Oldham Evening Chronicle created?

Oldham Evening Chronicle was created in 1854.

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Oldham Boro F.C. was created in 1964.

When was Royal Oldham Hospital created?

Royal Oldham Hospital was created in 1870.

When was Oldham Coliseum Theatre created?

Oldham Coliseum Theatre was created in 1885.

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