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My Teacher Ate My Homework was created in 1997.

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Q: When was My Teacher Ate My Homework created?
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When was Aliens Ate My Homework created?

Aliens Ate My Homework was created in 1993.

If a dog did eat the homework then what do you say to the teacher?

Take a picture of the remains of your homework near the dog, and bring it to the teacher as proof... That's what I did when my cat ate mine. If your teacher will accept it or not depends on the teacher.

What is a objective noun?

An 'object noun' is a noun that functions as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples:The dog ate my homework. (the noun 'homework is the direct object of the verb 'ate')I gave the teacher flowers. (the noun 'teacher' is the indirect object of the verb 'gave'; the direct object is the noun 'flowers')The teacher gave me an A for effort. (the noun 'effort' is the object of the preposition 'for')

Does a teacher have the right to give homework?

It's the teacher's class, so she or he can do whatever they want with homework.

What are some excuses for not doing your homework starting with the letter A?

Antelope ate my homework.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Dog Ate My Homework - 2014?

The cast of The Dog Ate My Homework - 2014 includes: Iain Stirling as himself

Can you give me a sample sentence using the idiom skate on thin ice?

You are skating on thin ice if you are waiting until this late to finish your homework. She was skating on thin ice when she told the teacher that the dog ate her homework.

How do you have no homework?

You can have no homework if your teacher does not set you any. Not hard, its very simple...

How much homework has a teacher given?

My math teacher gives homework every single day of the year My L.A, social studies and science teachers only give homework if work isn't finished in class My spanish teacher gives about one assignment a week My Larin teacher gives lots of homework.

What happens when teachers give out homework?

The teacher first has to plan what homework to give -- it has to help you learn whatever lesson you had that day. Then, the teacher has to decide how much homework is fair. Then, the teacher has to grade every single piece of homework from every kid in every class they teach!

Who is the creator of my dog ate my homework?

Dzafia benson

How do you get away of not doing your homework?

Say your dog ate it.