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Nike Air Max was created in 1987.

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Q: When was Nike Air Max created?
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Where are Nike air max trainers manufactured?

nike air max manufactured is in China

What is better Nike air max ltd or Nike air max classic?

The preference between Nike Air Max LTD and Nike Air Max Classic is a personal preference. Many runners base their decision on which shoe feels lightest to them.

What is better Nike air max 1 or Nike air max 90?

90s without doubt

Who designed the Nike air max trainers?

The first Nike Air Max running shoe, the Air Max 1, was designed by Tinker Hatfield.

Where is the air Jordan company located?

<a href=>Air Jordans</a><br /> <a href=>Nike Air Max Trainers</a><br /> <a href=>Nike Air Max Terra Ninety</a><br /> <a href=>Nike Air 180</a><br /> <a href=>Nike Air Max 1</a><br /> <a href=>Nike Air Max Light</a><br />

What is the worst Nike shoe?

Nike air max 90

The Newest Nike Trainer by Nike?

you can ask some custom servicers of some shop . there is a website selling Nike Trainer . nike air max nike air max shoes air max shoes

Where can I buy women's Nike air max 2012?

You can purchase the Nike Air Max 2012 at sites like,,,, All the sites above carries the Nike Air Max 2012.

What is the largest shopping center in Spain?

here : authentic nike air max 2014 kids sale for cheap with high quality here. We offer all style of cheap nike air max 2014 kids for discount with lowest price. welcome buy nike air max running shoes at Factory. <a href=>authentic nike air max 2014</a>

What shoes does eminem wear?

Nike classics and Nike air max

Where can Nike Air Max 360 shoes be bought?

Nike Air Max 360 shoes can be purchased directly from the Nike website or at a Nike store. They can also be purchased online at FinishLine, Eastbay, and Amazon.

What Nike products are available on the Airmax-Cheapsale website?

Shoes and only shoes. you can find over 12 brands of nike shoes. Like Nike Air Max 2013 Yellow White Mens, Nike Air Max 2013, Women Nike Air Max 2013 shoes and other types of Nike shoes.

What makes a gymshoe an air max?

A gymshoe is not an air max. Air max is made by Nike while gum shoes are not.

Most popular sport shoes?

nike shoes,nike air jordon shoes,nike air max,nike air shox,nike air force one, in a brand shoes.

What online outlets offer Nike Air Max LTD footwear?

Any sports wear website offers Nike Air Max LTD footwear, for example the Nike official website, Max Free Cheap and 2013 Shoes on Sale. Nike Air Max LTD foot wear, also have a Face book page.

Where can I get reviews for Nike air max 2012?

You can find nike air max 2012 reviews at the air max website. Yes, there is a site just for these shoes. People have posted very informative comments and reviews.

Where can someone purchase Nike Air Max 97 from?

There are many different retailers that sell different types of Nike Air Max shoes. However, if one desires to purchase the Nike Air Max 97, one might try looking on eBay or Amazon.

Where can Nike Air Max shoes be purchased?

Nike Air Max shoes may be purchased from Sport Check, Footlocker and Athlete's World. Each store stocks different variants of the Air Max brand shoes.

Are there fake Nike Air Max?

Yes loads !

What is the best Nike shoe?

Air max+ 2009

How do you get your nike air max shoes to not smudge?

Spit on it

How many nike air max shoes are there?


Is Nike air max a running shoe?

Yes it is .

Which Nike shoes are selling best right now?

The BX Air Max is nike most popular shoe currently. The air max line has always be a huge success for Nike and the BX is the latest model.

Where can I get Nike air max 2012 for men?

If you are looking to get Nike Air Max 2012 for your fitness, I say You should go to a Nike Shoe Store, or go to a clothing store to find these in the mens shoe area.